Ahhh sushi sushii

Lunch was homemade sushi! Wild rice rolled with wild salmon, avocado, cucumber, carrots, and spicy sauce.

Recipe: Serves 1

Lay out a dried Nori sheet and lightly damp with water (I used my hand…). About half an inch from the edge, put a line of wild or brown rice. If you want all the ingredients to be together, put the rest on top of the rice, if you want them to be spaced out among the “swirls” of Nori, then you can space them out so they will have their own layer. I put on top of my rice

shaved carrot

thinly sliced cucumber

raw high end salmon slivers

slivers of avocado

a drizzle of spicy sauce (purchased at Whole Foods)

Then just roll it up! To seal it you can use water, tamari or soy sauce, or more spicy sauce.


Wild rice * Wild rice has even more protein and fiber and nutrients than brown rice and especially white rice!

Salmon * A fantastic source of omega-3s! Anti-inflammatory and good for your HDL levels. Also a good source of protein.

Cucumber * Vitamins and water for an added fullness factor.

Carrot * A prime source of vitamin A and beta carotene.

Avocado * Delicious and chock full of the healthy fats! Gotta love the MUFAS. Also a great source of potassium (even better than bananas!)

Nori * Seaweeds are one of the most concentrated sources of vitamins and minerals and there is also lots of evidence to support that they raise your metabolism!

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