Hug a Fat!

This post is for Chocolate Covered Katie’s hug a fat month! Woot!

I eat  different variations of squash fries all the time. This is probably my favorite. Coconut butter makes the best topping, but ketchup is good too!

Recipe: Serves 1-2

Cut a butternut squash in half longways and then chop into thin slices. Depending on how hungry you are you can use the whole squash or just half. Spray a large pan with canola oil and put on medium-high heat (a 4 on my stovetop). Arrange the slices face  down on the pan and cover with a plate or lid. Cook on that side for about 10 minutes and then flip and recover. Cook until soft and brown to your liking. Top with salt and coconut butter or ketchup or whatever!

Also pictured is a salmon burger…


Butternut squash * A great source of Vitamin C, A, potassium, manganese, and folate. It is also very high in fiber and water content!

Coconut butter * High in fat, but mostly the good kind! Fat is key for practically all metabolic processes. It is also what makes up our cell membranes and some vitamins can only dissolve in fat! So if you eat a non fat diet, you are missing out on many key nutrients.

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