Magic Mushroom

This stuffed portobello tasted magical, hence the name ;). It was a simple combo of bulgur, Happy Cow cheese squares, butter, and sauteed chard. Its small, so I would serve it as an appetizer or side.

Recipe: Serves 1

Preheat the oven to 375. Spray a pan with canola oil. Tear a bundle of chard from the stalks and saute covered until soft.

Microwave 1/3 cup cooked bulgur with a wedge of Happy Cow cheese and 2 teaspoons of canola oil butter. Mix in a handful of chard and salt and some chopped onions (if you want). Scoop the mixture onto a portobello cap and bake until it begins to brown. Perhaps 10-15 minutes?


Portobello * Tons of B vitamins for energy and metabolism!

Bulgur * Blows white rice and flour out of the water concerning vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It is a low GI food so it will not spike your blood sugar!

Chard * One serving contains 7 days worth of vitamin K! Also contains lots of vitamin A and C!

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