Omega 3’s for breakfast

I get made fun of quite a bit for eating lox and bagel but its soo good! Its also very healthy and satiating. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

Recipe: Serves 1

Cut  two mini whole wheat bagels down the middle and toast until browned.

In a small dish, mix together 2 tbsp of cream cheese and a tsp of dill. Spread over the bagels. Sprinkle with salt!

Top with smoked salmon, sliced tomato, and onion slivers.


Smoked salmon * Salmon has one of the highest concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids! Studies show that eating omega 3 rich fish just twice a week can lower blood triglycerides (which are bad for your heart). Salmon is also rich in tryptophan, vitamin D, protein, B vitamins, and selenium!

Tomato * Contains the antioxidant lycopene, which has been found to protect against breast, colorectal, lung, endometrial, prostate, and pancreatic cancer!

Onion * Lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and also have antioxidants.

Whole wheat bagel * The outer bran layer in whole grains is where the fiber, vitamins, and minerals are, which is why you should ditch the white.

6 thoughts on “Omega 3’s for breakfast

    1. I know! Sometimes I wrap it up and bring it to class and the people sitting around me give me the weirdest looks! I think it may smell a bit strong… But whenever I bring pumpkin oatmeal to class I get at least 2 people looking around wildly saying “what is that amazing smell?!”
      and that recipe is coming…

  1. i have a healthy tip for bagels…which sadly i can not eat anymore

    but i think that lox bagels taste even better when you scoop out the inner doughy part…so basically your left with a bagel moat.. then you can neatly put all your goodies into it without worrying about spillage

    plus i bet you save a lot a of calories by just leaving the shell

    1. That would definitely be a good thing to do if you were trying to limit carbs. I intentionally eat the whole 2 mini bagels because I want the carbage, but making moats would look so cute! And I don’t really recommend that people eat giant normal bagels, unless they are doing some heavy duty workouts. But two mini ones is two servings of whole grains and about 200 calories — just right!

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