Don’t be scared…

Introducing… Cheeseburger in a Bowl. This dish doesn’t look very pretty, but it tastes damn good, especially when you’ve got a craving. The superfood in this dish is the bulgur, which is a chewy, nutty whole grain that has more fiber and than brown rice, corn, and bread. If you want to healthify it even more, you can add some spinach to the hot bulgur so that it wilts. I also wanted to use tomatoes instead of ketchup, but I didn’t have any.

Recipe: Serves 1

Microwave 1 cup of cooked bulgur and season with salt. If you want to add spinach to the bowl, wet the spinach and tuck it into the bulgur before microwaving.

Cook a lean ground beef patty (2-4 ounces) on the stove top with onions.

When the meat is done, chop it into small pieces and mix into the bulgur with a 1/3 cup cheese (I used mozzarella).

When the onions are translucent, add to the bowl.

Add AVOCADO and sliced tomatoes or ketchup and salt if you wish.


Lean beef * A lot of people look down upon beef because they think it is bad for their health. However, beef is actually very good for you as long as you buy lean cuts (I buy 95% lean) and limit your consumption to a couple times a week. I didn’t used to eat  red meat very often, but when I found out I was iron deficient, I started eating it at least 1-2 times a week. I have felt much better since! Lean beef is a great source of iron and B vitamins and protein.

Bulgur * Iron, lots of fiber, and other minerals!

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