This is just a healthified version of the PBJ sandwich. Instead of white bread, use whole wheat bread or a tortilla. Peanut butter often has hydrogenated oils and sugar added, so instead try using almond butter (or Nuttzo!). The pink lady apple can take the place of jam, it is super sweet and adds fiber. The apple is the key to fullness in this little sammy. I added a natural jam, Crofters Superfruit Spread – European. I don’t really recommend it. For the price, it is not that great. Looks pretty, right?!

Recipe: Serves 1

Smother a whole wheat tortilla with 2 tbsp nut butter and 1 tbsp whole fruit jam (optional).

Thinly slice half of a pink lady apple and layer over the nut butter. Add a drizzle of cinnamon or honey, if desired.

Roll it up and enjoy!


Almond butter * healthy and filling monounsaturated fats!

Apple * high in pectin, fiber, and antioxidants

Whole wheat * more filling and nutritious than white flour, and has the added benefit of not spiking blood sugar

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