I have officially completed a year of physics and organic chemistry! Woot! I had both finals on Monday, one from 8am-11am and the other from 12 noon to 3pm. Wretched. But now I have time to blog again! Be expecting a delicious vegetarian post later on tonight…

I also treated myself to a workout. A few of you said that you wanted workout and fitness information so I will share the workout with you. I usually do really complicated sets and things, but this workout was simple. I was just happy to be in the pool:

Pool Workout: Easing back into it

500 m warmup

2×200 IM kick (only)

100 free, chillin’

5×100 FAST free, rest about 20 seconds in between

100 free, recover

200 kick with board

200 pull

100 kick

200 free, medium pace

100 warm down

Also! I changed up the layout. The other one was feeling too… frisky? I wanted some class. Likey? No likey?

7 thoughts on “Relief!

  1. Congratulations on finishing up finals! I finished mine too, and I’m sooo excited for summer. 😀

    I like your new layout! The blog title colour is a little hard to read, though. Looking forward to the recipe 🙂


  2. Haha, the other layout was frisky… good word! I liked it though… but i like this one too! Love the mushrooms!

    Great workout and congrats with being done with your tests!!!!!!!

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