Get Exciteddd!

So last night me and my beloved house mates went out to a Lebanese restaurant called Zaytoon. It will be our last complete get together of the school year, as we are all moving out of the house by the end of the month. None of us had ever been to Zaytoon before and it was gorgeous! We were seated outside in this garden of Eden-like area, and all the tables had a mini bonfire in the middle. We hookahed while we enjoyed a feast of Lebanese food. There was falafel, labneh (thick yogurt sauce), HUMMUS, tabbouli, kibbeh (fried bulgur balls stuffed with beef and nuts!), baba ghannouj, and cheese sambosik (cheese stuffed philo pastry).

The Eats:

The amazing company: From left to right (me, Mel, Maddie, S., and Teeny!)

The falafel and labneh were my favorite. I enjoyed the food so much that I am going to be making my own healthy version tonight! Right after I weight train. For the first time in ages. I am so excited. So be expecting a healthy & delicious Lebanese recipe and a weight training workout tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Get Exciteddd!

  1. Oh, this sounds so amazing! I haven’t tried much Middle Eastern food before (chickpeas are rare, only have tried hummus in school sandwiches) but this sounds really really good! 🙂 What exactly is labneh…?


    1. Labneh is plain yogurt that has had the extra moisture strained out of it for 24 hours. Then you add salt and, if you want, fresh mint. It is delicious! It is the consistency of greek yogurt, so instead of straining regular yogurt, I just used Greek for my recipe. 🙂

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