Hello! I just wanted to drop in and say hello! I got home last night and so I will have several great posts for you tonight and in the next few days. The only downer is my cable/internet/phone has been turned off to save money since all my lovely housemates have moved out! So I will be coffee shopping it. Java jones all the way.

PS – Omg. Miss Hungry Scholar – the lady next to me brought in STARBUCKS to this amazing, local, way better coffee shop! I have never witnessed that before. You are right – soOoOo annoying!

PPS – I brought in my own tumbler. I did not bring in my own coffee.

4 thoughts on “Bbbackk

  1. O_O I’m mixed about Starbucks coffee! There are lovers and haters, but I’m sorta neutral… it’s good, albeit a little expensive, but if there was a nice little indie cafe I’d definitely want to have coffee there instead. 🙂 You look cute in this photo 😀


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