The bare minimum

Happy Father’s Day everyone! If your padre is around, give him a call and tell him you love him. Not to be a debbie downer, but my father passed away when I was 8 from lymphoma. His name was Brian Henry DeDecker and he was an Emergency Room doctor. He liked to go camping, hunting, and fishing and worked as hard as he played. He was a great father and I miss him dearly. His death is what I believe has steered my career interests to cancer research. It is why I am so interested in the properties of food that prevent and combat cancer.  On a positive note, I have been blessed with a wonderful step father. My mom married a man named Steve Smith last year, and he is a truly kind and loving person. He is always smiling and would do anything for me and the family. I love my step papps. He is the proud owner of Spenco.


This is now Food Blogging: Survivor Edition. Now that all my house mates have moved out and taken all of their stuff with them, I no longer have a blender, a toaster, a coffee maker  (or any kitchen appliance except a microwave), cinnamon, salt, pepper, random assorted spices, cable, or internet. Furthermore… on a hike yesterday this woman was running downhill as I was walking up the hill and she ran into me and sent my camera flying. Now the screen doesn’t work. What’s a food blogger to do?!


17 thoughts on “The bare minimum

  1. Mmm, this sounds like such a delicious breakfast option! I love that you managed to contain oats 😀

    I think food blogger survivor edition could prove to be very interesting. Looking forward to see what you come up with 🙂


  2. Hey Lauren! I stumbled onto your blog, it’s really cool! The photos are cute too 🙂 I’ve bookmarked the site now, you’ve got a new reader.

  3. That looks pretty damn good! Wow. I’m impressed you made that delicious sounding/looking breakfast out of pepper and random spices. 😉

    I probably would have just taken a trip to Backyard Bowls and gotten the Island Bowl or something… I’m lazy enough to have someone else blend my green smoothie. 😉

  4. Food Blogger Survivor Addition: that’s like me all the time, haha. Hot plate, pan, and a stove. Creative plating, creative plating is key.

    I like the idea of an oat and brown sugar crust…an unexpected touch of sweetness, nice.

  5. Thanks for the comment! I live in the Houston area right now, but I lived in Austin when I went to St. Edward’s University for a semester. Some goooooooood eats there.

    All your eats look so delicious & gourmet 🙂 You are quite the petite college chef!

  6. I think it’s awesome that you want to research cancer. Your dad would be proud 🙂

    And that stinks about the camera! You can stick with recycled pics/google photos until you get it fixed. Orrr you can send me all your delicious food and I’ll snap a pic for you 😉

  7. Thanks for dropping by my site! Your blog looks wonderful too and I look forward to reading more!

    Wow you have officially healthified quiches! I have been thinking about making quiches now, but couldn’t quite come up with what to use for the crust. You made it happen! 🙂

  8. Thank you for sharing your story about your dad. Our family is loaded with cancer and heart disease and I find the benefits of foods/nutrients fascinating! I love how you include that information! Your egg dishes look delicious!

    About Crofter’s, honestly, they are all pretty similar in taste. I think the cherry is a strong flavor, so the other things they add to it just add to that. I have tried Asia, Europe and North America. I don’t know that you will be blown away by any of them if you didn’t like Europe.

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