Lazing about

Merh, I am so bored! All of my friends have left Santa Barbara and I am just waiting for my suitcases to arrive so I can pack up and move out! If you had the college town to yourself, what would you do?

I have been reading a lot. I am in the middle of Revolutionary Suicide by Huey Newton and about to finish Wild Thorns by Sahar Khalifeh. They are both really good, but Revolutionary Suicide is an easier read. His words just flow and he gives it to you straight. I always like that. Flowery rhetoric can be engrossing and intoxicating, but sometimes when you try to analyze what you learned a day later, you can hardly recall what exactly it was that you read. Or maybe thats just me?…

I did manage to squeeze in a pool workout in my hectic schedule πŸ˜‰ it burned so good!

Pool Workout

  • 600m warm up
  • 200m IM kick only
  • 10x 100m FAST on the 2:00 Β (this gives a pretty long break)
  • 300m kick with board and fins
  • 200m swim with paddles and buoy
  • 200m warm down

I have also been indulging in a Micky D’s small vanilla cone every day. They are so good! Crack on a cone! Ice cream is a daily part of my life. I love it. More than cake, cookies, brownies, pie, chocolate, and candy. Its just so creamy, cold, and delicious. Particularly the vanilla bean variety. Ain’t no shame.

Thank you to all the people who read my blog and those who comment! It makes me happy on a daily basis :).

Questions: What are you reading this summer? What would you do if you had the town to yourself? Do you have a daily indulgence?

20 thoughts on “Lazing about

  1. You know what? Swimming would not be a workout to me, it would be suicide.

    I don’t know how to swim.

    I’m reading a book titled “Virgin: The Untouched History” by Hanne Blank

  2. What does IM kick mean? I think that I should start swimming soon. Our community pool is open! I’ll memorise this workout and do it in honor of you my friend πŸ˜€

    Dude. I went to Ikea today and had a RMB1 ice cream cone. Just so you know, US$1 = RMB6.8… yes, it was a cheap ice cream cone πŸ˜€ I’m actually not a big fan of ice cream; I like popsicles more πŸ˜‰

    I should start reading this summer! Man, I used to be such a bookworm. I feel so dumb now haha πŸ˜› And if I had the town to myself I would spend my days in Ikea, grocery stores, and stationery stores. And then get a green tea sesame frappuccino at Starbucks and read magazines at City Shop (which is a supermarket :D). Oh, and probably the flower market too (flowers, plants, fish, and one particular kitchen-appliance store that I looooove). And daily indulgence? Hmm, it used to be PB, but I found out that was the source of my bloating, so it turned into a square of dark chocolate. Yummy πŸ˜€

    Sorry for the ΓΌber-long comment. I’m glad we make you happy πŸ˜€


  3. I’m reading a lot of study materials and books for my Nutrition Consultant Certification! I haven’t studied since college almost 6 yrs ago.

    My daily indulgence is usually a big bowl of cereal about 2 hours after dinner!

    Use this time of boredom to spend time with yourself – walk around & go into shops you’ve never been to before. Take your camera and snap photos of pretty colorful things. πŸ™‚

  4. Nice swim workout, good job. And go vanilla, its the best. I am supposed to pick up Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage this week to take on a trip with me. I was recommended the book by someone I’m going on the trip with. I hope you can find something to do until you leave, exercise is always good. -Mark

  5. Ah great questions and good post! I like it. Short and sweet!

    When I went to Chico State (way up north in Cali) I would work over the summer there in an abandoned college town. I’d workout, go hiking, run, work, work, meet up with those stragglers still in town, like me. I think I watched a lot of Gilmore Girls reruns too. lol

    Sorry, no suggestions for you- but yeah, relaxing, soaking up the sun (when the fog clears), and swimming sounds about right.

    My daily indulgence is a (giant) green smoothie and some type of tahini or almond butter dessert after dinner- mmmmmmm! My weakness, for sure!

    Right now I’m “reading” (cd on tape) Wicked. I got it for the drive down to SB for my sister’s graduation but it’s like 20 hrs of voice time, so it’s long. But I really disliked the first 5 cds and now I can’t wait to jump back in my car to listen to it! lol

  6. I should really start swimming more for a workout. I love swimming laps, and I have a pool in my backyard! The only thing that keeps me is the thought that it might rain, it might be cold, or I would have to take a shower after….

  7. I’m reading some “health” cookbooks of course..i wish i was reading more real books..I’ve been swimming too!!! I love it..feels soooo good and refreshing..easy on the body too!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and sharing your recent indulgences with me πŸ™‚ I LOVE a good In-and-Out burger!! I’m jealous, because we don’t have those here in the midwest.

    I’m reading the book Chronic City right now. Trying to get into it…

  9. Urgh, I’m stuck in Korea and not having a single English book to read, and I don’t enjoy reading Korean books because it feels more like work than leisure. Maybe you can borrow a cookbook and cook your way through it? πŸ™‚

  10. If I had the town to myself, I would blog (because I’m stuck in an evacuated-of-college-friends city right now and that’s exactly what I’m doing)

    Great pool workout! Do you create them yourself or get them from somewhere? I need to locate a lap pool around me…

  11. Ola mi amiga!
    Ohemgee, were you a swimmer too??
    I totally miss those workouts! Your workout totally reminded me of what we used to do…I swam varsity all 4yrs of high school and was on a club team growing up. Ahh…the good ol’ days! (minus some bathing suit mishaps!)
    Did you swim @ SB? UCI’s men and womens team got cut due to budget drops last yr 😦 so sad. My roomie was the captain and now she doesn’t swim at all 😦 boo.

    Btw, what is your major/how many yrs do you have left?

    Oh, and TOTALLY with you on the soft serve! It’s annoying bc around my apartment now we only have yogurtland and goldenspoon (which are still amazing), but sometimes I just want plain good ol’ soft serve!!! It’s simplicity es muy divine! πŸ˜‰


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