This morning I got to attend my absolute favorite workout class! Its called Plyoburn and it can only be found at Castle Hill Fitness in Austin. The instructor, Amid, is intense, and plays really good music for working up a sweat. Its all hip hop :). I seriously dream about this class when I am away at school. Its a mix of plyometrics, lighter weights with high reps, and cardio. And it burnssssogood.

For lunch and dinner, Courtney and I went a little stir fry crazy. She is vegetarian, almost vegan and a good cook!

For lunch, we stir fried some eggplant, red bell pepper, onions, and bok choy with a little olive oil, cumin, cinnamon, salt, and pepper. We also threw some garbanzos in there. I wanted some carbz so I shoved the veggies to the side and stir fried 1/3 cup rolled oats with a bit more oil. To serve, I mixed it all together (…with a blob of almond butter).

After a day of shopping with zero successes, we decided to drop by HEB for groceries. HEB is a Texas grocery store chain and it is awesome. It is huge and has everything. But its not organic… it just as an organic section. Great prices though!

For dinner, we prepared red lentils by boiling them for 45 minutes and quinoa for 15 minutes. Then we stir fried some broccoli, egg plant, red bell pepper, onions, and bok choy with a little olive oil. To serve, we mixed it all together with Soyvay Teriyaki sauce. And I may have added a blob of almond butter to the quinoa… Delicious!

Get excited because tomorrow is Sweet Potato-Pecan-Quinoa Tamales!! I know I am.

PS… I miss Pace.

15 thoughts on “Plyoburn!!!

  1. Woah, stir-fried oats?! I’ve never seen that been done before! Your plyo class sounds awesome by the way. (For some reason I’ve always pronounced it “pylo” even though I always spell it correctly!)


  2. PLYOMETRICS RULES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I only WISH I had a class near me called PLYOBURN. Le Sigh.

    HOWEVER, Sweet Potato-Pecan-Quinoa Tamales SOUNDS AMAZING!!! I was actually looking at a Black Bean Sweet Potato Tamale recipe just this morning as I was thinking about Middle Eastern, er, Indian, concoctions….

    🙂 Aletheia

  3. i love going on stir-fry rampaids! haha love how u vegged it up with ur friend ❤

    who knew healthy was so fun.. cuz it totally is, and u prove it 🙂

    btw im freaking estatic to see these sweet potato pecan quinoa tamales look like! i'll be picking up some sweet potatoes tomorrow so i'll be sure to eat them while i look at the post 😉

    xoxo ❤

  4. Gah, I miss fresh veggies. I’m trying to go through my freezer/fridge/pantry b.c Im moving in a month so Im just eating what I want!

    your food looks great though–and the class sounds like fun!

  5. What great meals being Stir Fry Crazy can create! YUM! And anything with almond butter is A-OK in my book!

    Can’t wait for the Sweet Potato-Pecan-Quinoa Tamales recipe! What?! Sounds crazy delicious!

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