A whole new level

You guysss! I got a new camera!

Remember how my old camera got destroyed on what was supposed to be a relaxing hike? No? Thats okay. The point of the story is I treated myself to an upgrade…

It even has a food setting!

Courtney and I made vegan cream cheese swirled pumpkin squares! It was supposed to be cake-like,  but the consistency was that of a very moist brownie. Still, they are tasty. If you want the recipe, I am happy to give it out, but they definitely need perfecting.

8 thoughts on “A whole new level

    1. no its a panasonic lumix! but my old camera that got destroyed was a nikon coolpix! it took amazing pictures, but ONLY if there was ample natural sunlight. otherwise the food pics were craptastic.

  1. 😀 Yay a food setting! What model is your camera? Your pumpkin squares look so delicious. Are those chips or sunflower seeds on top? I would have liked the brownie texture better than cake texture 😉 Yay for fudgey goodness!


  2. Hey, the shots look spiffy! Although I have to admit–your other food shots (pre-new-camera) were very gorgeous too. See, once people’s shots have reached a certain level of gorgeousness, I always have difficulty differentiating the cream of the crop from the rest of the (gorgeous) crop. But I’m also very camera-unsavvy. 😀

    xo Aletheia

    P.S. I WILLLL tell you about the zucchini-carrot bread — to be made next week! 😀

    1. Oh, dude, me too. I just know this camera is legit because I read lots of reviews and took nerdy ‘Find the Camera for You’ quizzes. And the pictures confirm it!
      Its true though, my old camera could take great pictures, but only in specific conditions.

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