Caymans Trip: Wrapped Up

I don’t want to write a whole additional post about the vacation so I am just going to add a bit šŸ™‚

So mi madre, step pappy, and I went to the Caymans. I exfoliated myself with sand…

And went scuba diving… (NERD ALERT)

And ate delicious seafood…

Salmon and Mango sashimi

Lobster and Avocado roll

Delicious grouper with creamyfatsauce

Ceviche that I WILL be recreating… Salmon, Whitefish, Mango, Onions, and SWEET POTATO!

I also finished up my book, The Devil’s Highway

Can you recommend my next victim book?

Now, I am back home in Texas and I am excited to cook up some recipes tomorrow!!

23 thoughts on “Caymans Trip: Wrapped Up

  1. Lion fish are so pretty but apparently their spines are poisonous?? You look stunning, love. šŸ˜€ Jealous of your body šŸ˜‰


  2. Beautiful pics girlie šŸ™‚ Looks like you’re having an amazing time. You look wonderful in your lil bikini! Wish I had to guts to rock one that well haha

    ā¤ floey

  3. I have not heard of that book! was it good? you have quite a place to rest your head tonight; that beach looks beautiful! You are such an awesome commenter by the way; I cannot tell you how much your words of courage mean to me!

    1. It was good! It is about Mexicans crossing the border and dying in the desert called the ‘Devil’s Highway.’ Obviously it is very sad and disturbing but I think it is an important read for everyone who lives in the US. 

  4. Wowzers!! Your trip sounds like THE BOMB. I still can’t get over my fear of the water, particularly the ocean (think about the fact that I’m Canadian, have no access to the ocean, and therefore spent most of my childhood being scarred by movies like Jaws), but the beauty of the sea-world you get to see while diving might just serve as the impetus I need!

    Unfortunately, I don’t read many awesome books these days apart from textbooks so I’m a bit useless in the recommendation department… it depends what genre you’re looking for though. Er, when all else fails, read Anne of Green Gables? šŸ˜› (I actually ā¤ Anne of Green Gables.)

    xo Aletheia

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog today – looove yours! I am so jealous of your vacation. That food all looks delicious!!!

    That is a beautiful picture of you on the jet – you are gorgeous!!!!

  6. Don’t know if you know this but I’m incredibly jealous of your life. I’m back in CA and I’m missing you and I’m looking at flights in August and September to Austin. Would you be around? Cause I think I’m really down to do it if you would be able to have me :). And of course you’re gonna have to make that ceviche for me because I’m obsessed with ceviche. P.s. totally didn’t know you were going to the Caymans!

    1. Yes i would LOVE to have you! early september would be the best! and the trip to caymans was pretty last minute, steve had a business meeting there… and i got lucky šŸ™‚

  7. ah girl thanks for the comment on my blog! My family actually has a house in the caymans. I would move there forever just for the food and sun. Glad you had a blast šŸ™‚ Im adding you to my google reader right now. You are simply fabulous!

    Have a fabulous rest of your week girly!


  8. Hi-my name is Jealousy-nice to meet you!

    Gorgeous pictures—I love the airplane pic, you look like you’re thinking somethin scandalous. I want to see how you recreate the ceviche–one of my favorite dishes ever!

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