Your 7 year old just referred to me as a Joke Terminator.

These last couple days I have been at my annual family reunion. I have a large maternal family. My mom has 5 brothers and 1 sister. I believe the size is due to our overwhelmingly Irish and Catholic lineage.

That is 7 children.

One uncle decided to make it a tradition and has 7 kids.

Another uncle has 6 kids.

Another uncle has 4.

Another uncle has 3.

Another uncle has 2.

My mama just has me.

That is a total of 23 grandchildren.

I know practically everyone says this but, I really do have the cutest family you will ever lay eyes on. I taught this little man how to wakeboard today…

He told me my armpits were hairy yesterday. Cutieee.

And this baby angel can be spotted in Walmart ads…

Only half the family was able to attend, and I just forced us to take a group photo. You could not possibly fathom how hard this was to attain…

I am not exactly sure how, but somehow my family knows about my blog and love of healthy food. They keep saying things like “I know this isn’t healthy, don’t look!” as they eat a bowl of macaroni or something. And I roll my eyes as I polish off my second bowl of vanilla ice cream with crumbled cupcake.

I don’t judge. I care, but not like that.

I made a batch of my whole grain pumpkin muffins for everyone! They were a hit and were gone before I could brag that I made muffins.

I also brought my new husband. His full name is Vit A. Mix. He cooks for me and even cleans up after himself. I ordered him from Asia online. He was a steal. This morning he made me ice cream out of frozen banana, vanilla greek yogurt, ice, and a splash of coconut milk.

Good boy.

16 thoughts on “Your 7 year old just referred to me as a Joke Terminator.

  1. That IS one large family! Must be very fun though whenever you all meet up 😉

    HAHAH you are sooo funny. For a second I really thought you got yourself a hubby. I was like..whaaa…last time I checked you’re pumped up to go to UC Davis? Lol

  2. I have to agree- cutest family ever! Love those kids. I get the same comments from certain members of my family…I don’t judge either but sometimes I think my healthy eating makes people uncomfortable. Nothing makes me happier than when people have genuine interest in nutrition and ask me questions. 🙂

  3. “And I roll my eyes as I polish off my second bowl of vanilla ice cream with crumbled cupcake.”

    That is HILARIOUS!!!!!

    I totally know what you mean – no reason to deprive right? ahaha!

    Have fun!!!

  4. Aww, all the kids in your family are so cute! I sorta hate it when people “assume” I eat healthy or something… My relatives push something vegetarian at me and say, “Eat this, there’s no meat!” SO WHAT. I eat meat. God. I could ramble about this all day… Sorry 😦


  5. Hi! Missed reading your blog (vacation time!) but I’m back!!!!

    Those muffins looks AMAZING! Wow! Nice background too! And the family, big family, but so cute! Love family pictures and time together! What adorable little ones too!

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