I am going to Tibet for 3 weeks!

Hello! This is going to be my last post for a while (I think) because I am leaving today to go to Utah for a night and then Tibet. As in the Free Tibet! Tibet. Yeah. I am beyond excited. However, I have got some awesome guest posts set up for y’all while I am away!

If you are interested, here is my itinerary, although I have heard that trips to Tibet often do not adhere to the plan…

August 1–   Go to Shambhala Palace Hotel located in the heart of Old Lhasa. Welcome dinner.

August 2–  Breakfast talk on Tibetan history (‘The Dawn of Tibet’) followed by visit to Bonpo oracle. Afterwards walk through the old city to the Jokhang, Tibet’s oldest Buddhist temple. After lunch, visit Sera Monastery and return to the Barkhor market. Evening film: “Lost Horizon.”

August 3–  Breakfast talk on Tibetan Buddhism (‘The Art of Enlightenment’) followed by visit to the Dalai Lamaʼs Potala Palace and Lukhang Temple. After lunch, visit the Norbu Lingka Summer Palace for an introduction to Tibetan yoga and meditation by a highly accomplished English-speaking lama.

August 4–  Drive 4 hours to the spectacular Terdrom Valley, visiting on the way the temple of Zwai Lhakhang, prominent in Tibetʼs tradition of Dzogchen, or “Great Perfection”. After lunch in Terdrom, orientation to Shambhala Source’s Tibetan Medical Spa and conservation and community outreach programs, including an artisanʼs guild and Tibetan medical clinic and research center. Afterwards, bathe in en suite or outdoor hot springs or enjoy a therapeutic Tibetan massage.

August 5–  Morning orientation to the Terdrom Valley and its sacred history and traditions, followed by a visit to the Terdrom Nunnery and surrounding caves. Meet with the living incarnation of Yeshe Tsogyal, the 8th century Tibetan princess whoattained enlightenment practicing tummo, the yoga of inner heat, at Terdromʼs foremost meditation cave and helped define the revealed treasure tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. After lunch, visit Shambhala’s Tibetan Medical Center & Clinic forintroduction to the Tibetan ‘Science of Rejuvenation’ (chulen), by the clinicʼs resident Tibetan doctor.

August 6– Day hike through surrounding valleys to summer nomad camp with picnic lunch in traditional Tibetan style.

August 7–  Visit Drigung Til Monastery with introduction to the yogic practice of powa, or ‘transference of consciousness’, for which the monastery is famous throughout Tibet. Hike or drive back to Shambhala Source. Evening introduction to Yeshe Tsogyalʼs Khandro Nyingtik, ‘The Heart Essence of the Dakinis’, her core teachings on the nature of mind and reality.

August 8–  Pilgrimage trek to the “Offering Cave of the Dakinis” where Tibetʼs most revered female saint, Yeshe Tsogyal, attained enlightenment in the 8th century. On return, soak in Shambhalaʼs medicinal hot springs.

August 9-13 – Accompanied by yoginis from Terdrom Nunnery, travel by foot the gyakhor, a five-day traditional pilgrimage trek that inscribes the greater Terdrom and Drigung Valleys and passes by innumerable hermitages and mountain sanctuaries.

August 14– Drive to the majestic Pasum Tso lake in Tibetʼs richly forested Kongpo region.

August 15– Explore the 7th century island temple and forested environs of Pasum Tso lake.

August 16– Return to Lhasa, visiting Ganden Monastery, once Tibet’s most important monastery, on the way.

August 17– Free day in Lhasa with farewell dinner at Shambhala Palace.

August 18– 10:45 AM flight from Lhasa to Chengdu  (arriving 13:00 PM) and onward flights home.

I plan on taking more pictures than a sorority girl on Spring break and learning as much as I can squeeze into my little brain. When I return, I will, of course, inundate you with information on Tibetan history, the current situation, food, meditation and yoga. And I’ll try not to shave my head while I’m away.

Because I feel the need to share some food or health information with you, here’s an idea:

An Applewich! If you are out of bread or are feelin’ low carby, just use apple slices instead! Apple slices go extremely well with chicken salad, tuna salad, or turkey sandwiches.

And a pool workout for you…

I Haven’t Been In the Pool In Over a Month Workout

  • 200 free swim
  • 200 free kick (with kick board)
  • 200 free pull (with buoy)
  • 200 butterfly swim (break it up however you need)
  • 200 butterfly kick (with kick board)
  • 200 butterfly pull (with buoy; this is ridiculously hard and I couldn’t finish it)
  • 200 back swim
  • 200 back kick (no kick board)
  • 200 back pull (with buoy)
  • 200 breast swim
  • 200 breast kick (with kick board)
  • 200 free swim

I have also been Plyoburning and walking Town Lake with a girlfriend for exercise. Austin has this gorgeous trail around Town Lake that is perfect for walking, jogging, or biking. How can you not love exercising when you have this as your surroundings?

I will miss y’all while I am away! I hope you enjoy the guests posts!

13 thoughts on “I am going to Tibet for 3 weeks!

  1. Wow, that itinerary sounds intense. Have fun! 😀 I can’t wait to see all the pictures from your trip.

    I think I’m gonna make a peanut butter applewich for lunch. >D I never thought to use fruit for a bread. I wonder if that would work with veggies, too? -ponders- Maybe like, eggplant slices or something? Now I’m inspired. 😀

  2. Oh my gosh I am so excited for you! Tibet? Sheesh, thats cool! Bring me back some authentic food!

    Are you going with a group there? or how was it organized? Just wondering because I’ve been learning about the national geographic trips lately.

  3. omg omg omg omg omg haha

    HOW WICKED IS THAT! august 8th especially!! a pilgrimage!! im incredibly envious that u’ll be experiencing Tibet!! i know you will have such an amazing adventure and will learn so much worthy information. ahhh i bet u cant wait!! seriously exciting 🙂

    xoxo ❤

  4. Oh my goodness! Have a WONDERFUL time over there! Take lots of pictures for us all to see! And be safe 🙂
    ps. seeing that swim workout totally brings me back to my HS/club workouts 🙂 teehehe xoxo.

  5. mind blowing trip!!! Have a great time!! And no! I still haven’t walked around town lake…I’ll do that soon and get back to you….I mean…if you aren’t too busy changing the world in Tibet. 🙂

  6. I am so jealous! I was in India and Nepal five years ago, which was an incredible trip, and since then (well, before then really) I’ve wanted to travel to Tibet as well. Who’s organizing the trip?

    Have an incredible time, and I look forward to hearing all about it. (Eat some momos (dumplings) for me!)

  7. Since when have you been going to Tibet? Crazy girl! Let me know when you get back! We’ll have to go over our trips together. Have a blast!

  8. Aww, have fun in Tibet!! Your itinerary sounds BOMB!! And yes, please do refrain from shaving your head. 🙂 Looking forward to your return — accompanied, of course, by lots of crazy knowledge, pictures and stories. YAAAY.

    Best wishes,
    Aletheia xoxo

  9. Lauren, lauren! Have so much fun in Tibet. Your food poisoning story made me crack up with sympathy. That is just way too unfortunate for reality!

    Hope you’re having fun in Tibet. We bought the rambutan, but I ended up forgetting it at my friend’s house. Next time!

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