Important, shweet links. (Edited!!!)

Herrow. I have some cool links to share.

1. requested my permission to re-publish my blog entry about tibet. They also requested that I tell you guys about their not for profit organization. I highly recommend you check them out and consider donating to the cause. Or just spread the word! Just getting the word out about the civil rights abuses in Tibet is a step in the right direction. To see my blog entry, click here. To go to the main page, click here.

2. Three of my recipes were printed in the wonderful Back to School Recipe eBook! There are over 100 healthy, easy recipes! And its free! Click dis biz.

3. CCK is having a contest to win a box of the new Larabar flavors! Sadly, these aren’t available in Texas yet… As far as I know. So, I’m crossing my fingers!

4. One of my best friends started a blog a few months ago and it is seriously amazing. It not only concerns healthy food, but it focuses on green cooking and living! She has been writing extremely useful and fascinating information about the environment and reducing ones footprint for months, and yet she only has 3 subscribers! So get on over there and check her out! You will not regret it. Promise.

You can also look forward to my housemate’s top secret vegan mac n’ crack recipe soon. It shall be revealed just for y’all.

5 thoughts on “Important, shweet links. (Edited!!!)

  1. Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog!

    Oh…and Larabars are totally available in Texas! What area are you in – have you tried HEB?

    1. Larabars are in Texas, but the new flavors arent! I wannttt that choco chip cookie dough flavor! I live in Austin right now… And I have checked HEB, Whole Foods, the Co-op… E’ery where.

  2. 1) Congrats on the Tibet thing and the free ecookbook! That’s amazing and I’m so proud.
    2) I am sorry I missed your call and I’m totally returning it when I am speaking normally again (got my wisdom teeth out).
    3) I miss you and thank you so much! Ill see you in CA soon 🙂

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