It’s raining in my room.








As I was studying for biochem last night, I kept hearing this pinging noise. It was really obnoxious and was making studying basically impossible. After a couple of minutes, I reluctantly got up and began to search for the culprit. Where is that incessant irksome piece of noxious noise coming from??

Imagine my dismay when I realized it was coming from my ceiling. Right in front of my bed. It looked as though my wall were crying…

I don’t want to bore you with too many details, but basically Zabace rental agency was sent from the fiery depths to punish my housemates and I for breaking prohibition and being liberals – or something. When I moved in, the carpet in my room was badly stained and so water damaged that it couldn’t lie flat on the floor.  In certain parts of the room, you can’t place a vase on the floor without it falling over. I called them up to complain my room and a dozen other things in the house and they told me that the stains must be my fault. They said they checked for leaks and there were none and the carpet looked great. When I called them about the ceiling leaking, no answer. Left a voicemail, no return call. Until they decide to treat us like human beings, I have resorted to reorganizing our kitchenware in my room:

Mmmm, brown water. Yummy.

Did I mention I have been too busy to get a bed yet?


But damnnn does my closet look good!

I have a delicious winter soup recipe that I was planning on sharing with you, but I think I will save that for tomorrow. This post is gettin’ a little long. I will leave you with a necklace that I am somewhat obsessed with right now.

my great great grandmother’s necklace

16 thoughts on “It’s raining in my room.

      1. Ahahaha. I think if you go down there wearing that, Zabace might just build you a brand freakin new apartment. It is THAT hot.

        P.S. Are you at Davis now? I have a close friend from high school who graduated from there a year ago and looooved it….so happy you are happier!! (ps to the ps – the reasons you listed are huuuge reasons i chose uci over ucsb…too much party and me-me-me….plus everyone rides bikes, and rides FAST, and i don’t know how, so that kinda scared me. yep.)

        1. Yes Im at UCD!! I love how interconnected everything is… I forgot that you went to UCI (if I knew that in the first place?..) Did you like it there? Another food blogger goes there now (tummysquiggles).

      2. Why won’t wordpress let me respond to your next comment…

        I did like UCI! Was a drama major with a musical theatre emphasis, and it was great for that…liberal arts education with a great MT program, so I got to learn about everything (sooo glad my parents didn’t support the conservatory route…I ended up loving sociocultural anthropology!). And the school of the arts is completely set apart from the rest of the university, so it feels really tight-knit. Only downside is that the girls in my class kinda sucked (really catty drama majors 😦 ) and Irvine isn’t really the social capital of the world, haha. but as far as training goes, it rocked. aaand that is probably more than you ever wanted to know about UCI!
        soooo glad davis is treating you well. go aggies!
        PS. Lara (thinspired) and I were there at the same time and she was in a sorority with a few of my mt friends!

  1. OMggg so sorrry about your room that’s horrible. You need to bring those maintaince ppl in there and show them what’s up. You shouldn’t be living like that! Ahh I hope you’re comfortable on the floor! Although I always hear that hard floors/beds are better for you than soft. I’m not sure why. Hopefully that’s comforting to you? haha.
    Ugh, good luck with all your studying! Hopefully the rain quits for awhile

  2. What a bunch of jerkbags! Hope you get the leak fixed ..and get a bed soon… hahahah. That’s awesome. But you’re right, your closet looks great and so does your outfit!

  3. That outfit is ADORABLE. I need to get to forever 21 asap and stock up on my fave cozy, fall-wear 🙂

    Sorry about the water drama!! Just be persistent, they’ll have to help you eventually!

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