Pumpkin Glazed Scallops and Caramelized Sweet Potato with Cinna-Pecan Cream

I am happy to report that the week has very much improved. On Tuesday, I told myself that it was a new day and to just relax and be happy. Life truly is good. I know it is cheesy, but I have so much to be grateful for. Sometimes, it is a fact that is easy to forget when life starts hurdling little sh*t bombs at you. 😉 Having a blog and even just being able to read blogs is truly a blessing. Its not like people working 3 jobs have luxury of spending an hour or so a day on the internet. Heck, what about all the people who don’t have enough food or clean water, let alone a computer!

Sermon over.

I got initiated to DG last night! Obviously the ceremony is supaa secret, but I will say that it was really fun with a twist of sentimentality and a tinge of creepiness. AKA awesome.

This recipe is awesome too:

Pumpkin Glazed Scallops and Caramelized Sweet Potato with Cinna-Pecan Cream

I had this for lunch yesterday and it was MUY DELICIOSO! Hagalo PRONTO!

Recipe: Serves 1

5-7 scallops

2 tbsp chopped sweet onion

1/3 cup canned pumpkin

few shakes pumpkin pie spice

dash of salt

tsp butter

1 sweet potato

1/3 cup light sour cream

1 tbsp pecan butter (I made it myself in the blender!)



1. Bake the sweet potato at 400 for 45-50 minutes, until juices just begin to seep out.

2. Marinate your scallops and onion in the pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice mixture for at least 15 minutes.

3. Place a pan on the stove at medium heat and melt the butter. Place the scallops and pumpkin mixture in the pan. Cook the scallops on each side for a 2-3 minutes, until thoroughly white. Flip only once.

4. In a small dish, mix together the sour cream, cinnamon, and pecan butter.

5. To serve, spoon the cinnamon pecan cream into the potato. Scrape the scallops and pumpkin glaze onto the plate and sprinkle with salt.

Satisfying, filling, and delicious.


Scallops * are extremely high in protein (they are a MUSCLE, after all!) and a great source of B vitamins, which play a key role in metabolism and hangover prevention. They also contain several minerals and are a good source of omega 3’s! Omega 3s aid in lowering LDL and VLDL and raising HDL cholesterol.

Onions * contain the antioxidants phenolics and flavonoids, which are anti aging because they rid the body of free radicals. You have probably heard that a thousand times and may be wondering what exactly that means. Basically, a free radical is 1 single free electron (a negatively charged atom) that is flying around and can damage cellular DNA. Normally, electrons are in pairs and are trapped in molecular orbitals (kind of like a ring around a planet). This cellular damage is what can later lead to cancer over the course of a lifetime. A study by Dr. Liu showed that pungent and Western yellow onions protected the most against colon cancer, while pungent yellow, Western yellow, and shallots protected the most against liver cancer.

Sweet potato * high in fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, copper, and B6! The antioxidants in sweet potatoes work to eliminate free radicals (which damage the body) and are anti-inflammatory, so they can help alleviate symptoms of many conditions.

Pumpkin * An impressive source of vitamins A and C and iron, manganese, and riboflavin! Also is high in fiber and low in saturated fat.

Cinnamon * The coolest thing about cinnamon is its ability to control blood sugar. Meaning, within reason, that if you use a fair amount of cinnamon in a dish that has sugar or another fast digesting carbohydrate, it will prevent the blood glucose spike that you would normally get. Why does blood sugar matter? Spikes in blood sugar are bad for your health because they cause your body to increase insulin production. Insulin, among many other things, tells your body to store fat. Therefore, eating a sugary/high-in-simple-carbohydrate meal = blood sugar spike = insulin spike = store fat.

Pecans * contains vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, protein and fiber! The fat in pecans is 90% monounsaturated and 70% monounsaturated (the good kind). Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant. Studies have shown that pecans can lower cholesterol and thus are heart healthy! They also have been linked to reduced risk of breast cancer and weight loss.

19 thoughts on “Pumpkin Glazed Scallops and Caramelized Sweet Potato with Cinna-Pecan Cream

  1. Holy delicious, I want to devour every bit of that meal right now. I LOVE scallops. Never would think to douse them in pumpkin-y goodness but I’d be all over that if someone put the plate in front of me. And cinna-pecan cream? YES PLEASE.

    And your little intro? So not cheesy, it’s so true! Gotta be greatful for all those little bits and pieces of good stuff in life. I’m happy you’re happy 🙂

  2. I’m so glad that you are doing better. Isn’t it amazing what a little perspective can do? These scallops look amazing! And I’m all about sweet potatoes right now. They are such a comfort food for me. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  3. this is sweet potato porn to me. i love how the bottom of the potato is all wrinkly because of the weight of its insides. Lauren this is amazing- and quite gorgeous photography too!! ❤

  4. Congrats on the initiation! 🙂 And super glad your wk is improving! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Are you going home for thanksgivvvving?

    1. No 😦 I am actually going to Chicago! My family is having Thanksgiving there because almost all of them live in Illinois. Well they all do.. plus one nuclear unit in Iowa. What about you? Thanksgiving plans??

  5. You’re kidding me with this recipe- SO SO AMAZING! I am so serious- I MUST make this. It looks great! You are the pumpkin queen, you know that, don’t you? And congrats on the initiation!!! So much fun! 🙂
    “life starts hurdling little sh*t bombs at you”- Story of Lori’s life. No joke.

    1. wth wei wei, your spanish is better than mine and I’m on my 5th quarter at university! growwwwwwwwl! hahaha. HELP me. 🙂

  6. So happy your week is improving! Hehe, thanks for your choice words about procrastinating. I think it’s why I’m a good journalist–somehow, it always gets done, but I think I’d put a lot less stress on myself if I wasn’t so bad about avoiding stuff I don’t want to do.

    That recipe looks awesome! Actually, I’d love to make it for my family over Christmas break, because they are trying to eat a bit healthier and I’m only too happy to prove to them that healthy food is delicious. But two out of three of them despise scallops. Is there a non-seafood meat you think the pumpkin glaze would go best with?

  7. Soo funny story. Found you on facebook (don’t think i’m a creep!), and we have A TON of mutual friends. I’m guessing you go to school with like, 10 people from my high school?? Hahah i found that sooo so funny!

    Glad your week is going better though! That sweet potato dish look deee-lish. I bet the pumpkin + pumpkin spice addition worked perfectly! Can’t wait to cook up some sweet potato fries over break… I miss my oven 🙂 hahah

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