Big Love + My first giveaway!!!

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday so far. I flew out of Sacramento on Wednesday afternoon and landed in Chicago that evening. On Thursday, my entire mother’s side of the family united at a big hotel in Chicago for festivities and a big dinner. It was amazing to see everyone. With 44 (?) family members, it is extremely rare to get everyone together. The kids played and the adults talked, and drank, and talked, and wrestled..

Our big Irish, Catholic family haha (only 1 cousin and 1 aunt were missing!)

Dinner was delicious! The highlights were the butternut squash soup, sweet potato mash, roasted winter squash, and piiieeeee. There was also a sink (?) filled with ice cream. I did work.

Me goofing off with grandma, grandpa, mom, and my step daddy

I am so thankful for my huge-azz family, they are some truly incredible people.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a Gingerbread Oatmeal recipe that is to die for.


Edit: I forgot to mention that I am having my first giveaway!! While I was at Foodbuzz fest, I visited the the Foodzie table at the Tasting Pavilion. Basically, for 20$ a month, Foodzie will send you a “tasting box” full of unique and delicious products. EVERYTHING that I sampled from them was downright delicious. Pace flipped over the maple syrup; he was about to shell out 30$ for a giant bottle! Foodzie contacted me and offered to give two of my readers a free tasting box! Giveaway ends Sunday at 10pm Pacific time!

How to enter:

1. One entry for commenting saying that you want to win a free box of delicious goodies!

2. One entry for commenting with a recipe you would like to see me make or “healthify.”

3. Two entries for mentioning this giveaway on your blog!

57 thoughts on “Big Love + My first giveaway!!!

  1. Wow, how awesome that you got together with so much of your family. Looks like fun!
    1. I would love to win a free box of delicious goodies
    I’ll have to think about #2 and get back to you.

  2. First of all: Holy crap your family is like the mirror image of mine.
    Secondly: I would love to win.
    Third: I want you to make au gratin potatoes healthier because they’re my obsession.
    Fourth: Check my blog. I’m writing a post right now and you will be mentioned.

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m stoked you had such a great time and your family is so cute.

  3. Yay I’d love to win this giveaway!
    And that picture of you with your family — too cute. 🙂 Glad you had an amazing time!

  4. And hmmm, well i’m a pancake fanatic (when home)…so maybe you could whip up a fun recipe for that! With delicious mix-ins/toppings of course 🙂 I’m always up for new variations!

    Or any type of spicy, mexican dish!

  5. 1. your family is super cuuuuuute!

    2. i am currently obessed with gingerbread oats. i am jazzed to see your recipe.

    3. i would love to win the foodie box. sign me up please 🙂

  6. i would love to see a healthifed sugar cookie recipe. nothing says christmas like sugar cookies and my little brain cannot come up with a way to make them healthier. help!

  7. Hi lovely! It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. You have such a big and beautiful family. What a blessing you were able to be together…that is no small feat! Of course I would love to win a box of cookies, and I would love for you to healthify a cheesecake recipe for me…I love the stuff!

  8. OMG. I want to win a free box of goodies from foodzie please oh please me?

    Second entry: I want you to healthify a recipe for delicious pecan pie!

  9. I would love to win a free box of delicious goodies!

    Please “healthify” a turkey dish (turkey sandwich, turkey tetrazzini, etc.) which will help us figure out what to do with the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving (we froze alot of our leftover turkey).

    And, thanks for your blog! I love the recipes and can tell you are a wonderful young lady!

  10. I would love to win the giveaway. I love trying new things and then recommending them to friends and family.

    Second – I’d love a healthified recipe for chocolate ganache. Nothing can seem to replace the richness and creaminess of it

  11. 1) uhh YES I would like to win the giveaway!
    2) hmm healthify tater tots! Like sweet potater tots! That would be really cool.. and some how bake them in the oven. And then mix up a really good dipping sauce for them. You would be my hero haha.

      1. oh my gosh! I didn’t realize how far back I was reading! 😛
        When you said Sunday I assumed you meant yesterday, my bad! But yes, PLEASE make some tots 😀

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