Greetings from New Zealand!

Hello! I am currently in Portage, New Zealand! I left on Saturday around noon and arrived in New Zealand almost exactly 24 hours later. The 12 hour flight from LA to Auckland was actually perfectly comfortable. Being in coach on New Zealand Air (or pretty much any other country…) is like being in business on an American air carrier. Sad, but true.

I am meeting up with my mother and step family to spend Christmas with everyone at my step sister’s home! I am so glad to spend time with them;  it is a rare occasion that we are all together!

Day 1:

Land in Auckland and take a short flight to Nelson on the South island. Get a rental car and eat lunch.

Pan seared fish atop roasted asparagus and potatoes with sun dried tomatoes and buerre blanc

Explore the cute little town of Nelson and nap. Eat dinner. Pass out.


Pan seared blue maki with pumpkin risotto, steamed asparagus, salt and pepper fried calamari with a balsamic reduction and a sweet red pepper sauce

Day 2:

Drive 2 hours to Portage. Go on a gorgeous 4 hour hike.

Slightly lost en route, but thats okay.

Mama’s behind.

I brought goodies to make lunch on the trek. Look at the cool stuff I found in the supermarket!

Whole grain crackers topped with goat’s milk feta, pumpkin-kumara hummus, and caramelized onion spread. A few with chicken as well.

Hello gorgeous.

After the hike, we cozied into the Portage Hotel and lazed by the pool. Then, we cleaned up for dinner and passed out once again.

SWEET JESUS. Caramelized pear, onion, and blue cheese tart with candied walnuts and vincotto.

Seared groper with caramelized fennel, puy lentils, and citrus Sambayan butter

The internet is being sketchy, so I must go!

15 thoughts on “Greetings from New Zealand!

  1. oh I am so jealous. We just love nelson. We have family there! And air new zealand is amazing. They even have good food! Enjoy it all. I am going to live vicariously through you right now!

    1. Yes I just remembered that you have family here! This country is truly incredible. But it has changed so much! I was here 9 years ago and it was much less developed and the people were slightly differen. Then and now, though, it is still my favorite country.

  2. Ah dining, hiking, and relaxing with family sounds absolutely perfect right now!!

    That pumpkin risotto was probably out of this world good….and I love your little make-shift lunch! So creative, but also delicious I bet! Crackers + cheese + pumpkin (butter) became a go-to snack of mine during finals week! So good!

    Merry almost Christmas!!

  3. MERRY CHRISMTAS, LAUREN!!!! It looks like you are having a wonderful time in New Zealnd 🙂 Have some more fun!!!

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