New Zealand wrap up

After 12 days in lovely New Zealand, I am home! Getting back was a bit more difficult than I had anticipated. After a three hour flight from the South island to the North island and a 12 hour flight to the US of A, I arrived at LAX. I figured I could just take Amtrak to Davis, so I hopped on the Flyaway bus. Once at the Amtrak station (after being propositioned to be “taken out to hollywood tonight” and then “driven up the beautiful PCH to Davis” by a total stranger), I learned that there isn’t actually a train to where I live. So I took a 3 hour bus ride to get to a 5 hour train ride and then topped it off with another hour and half bus ride. It was just so much fun. During the third bus ride I realized that I didn’t have a key and my housemates weren’t home yet. Oops. It’s all good, though!

I didn’t take pictures every day but I will post some of the best that I have to sum up the remainder of my trip…

My step sista Brittany’s house, see all the Tibetan flags and things?!

Her driveway and horse

New Zealand has the coolest yogurt flavors.

Unfortunately their greek yogurt has the same nutritional profile as regular yogurt..?


Farariki beach, which my mom just called “Freaky Beach”

And the best meal I had on my trip..

Zucchini bruschetta with goat cheese and mint

Amazing goat cheese salad with fresh pears, walnuts, endive, and croutons

BBQ scallops with chili, lemon, olive oil, and wild rocket

Beef carpaccio with gorgonzola Dulce, lemon, chili, rocket, and grilled baguette

Pan fried snapper with tomatoes, red onion, basil pesto, and lemon

Clearly, we feasted.

Although the trip was truly great, I am excited to be back home and get back into the swing of things. This includes cooking and blogging new recipes! The discovery that I enjoy some cheeses has opened up a whole new world to me…

Happy 2011 everyone!

17 thoughts on “New Zealand wrap up

  1. next time take me with you. Especially during winter! Glad your home, sounds like quite the adventure getting home. At least u missed a lot of the rain!

  2. OH my gosh!!!! I want to go so BAD girl!!! sounds like an AMAZING experience- you were so blessed to be able to do that and I know you know that!!!
    thank YOU for your sweet comment, you rock!

  3. WoW!!! This looks amazing! You took great pics, btw! I hope to see some recreated recipes??!!

    One more word-Gorgeous! Oh..and Breathe-taking! I guess that’s 3 words….

  4. Your photos are phenomenal! Makes me want to travel there asap. And that meal looks so delicious wish such fresh ingredients. I hope you enjoyed every minute of your trip. I can’t believe all the traveling you had to do to get back to school! Hopefully you are feeling settled and happy to be back. Happy New Year Lauren!

  5. Those photos are just GORGEOUS. What a lovely vacation! I’m glad you had some well-deserved fun and relaxation. Wishing you the best in the new quarter and the new year!
    ps. is this your last year @ school ?

  6. I love the classic goat cheese-pear-walnut combination! I make a salad often where I broil two pear halves with some cinnamon cranberry goat cheese then put them on a huge bed of greens topped with candied walnuts and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Out of this world good and tastes restaurant quality 😀 I always get a little giddy when I realize we have all the essential ingredients in the house to make that salad haha:P
    I love your blog, I just made a blog of my own that I would love for you to check out–

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