The best chili you will ever eat.


I made chili. It is superb.

It can be made vegetarian. And vegan.

It has a spicy kick, with a hint of sweet.

It comes down to less than a dollar a serving.

The whole pot has 120 grams of protein and 100 grams of fiber.

There are a couple secret ingredients, but I guess the cat’s outta the bag.

Chili is impossible to make appear pretty.

Damn Good Texas Chili

Recipe: Makes 6-8 servings

1 1/2 tbsp butter

1 1/2 sweet onion

1 habanero pepper

1/4 – 1/2 serrano pepper, DESEEDED (depends on how hot you like it)

3 – 6 oz grass fed beef (I used 3, you can use more or none)

2 cups dried kidney beans (soak in warm water with a squeeze of lemon first for at least 12 hours)

15 oz can organic crushed tomatoes

2 tbsp maple syrup

2 tsp cocoa powder (I used 1 1/2 but I think more would rock)

1/4 – 1/2 tsp chipotle chili (the chipotle flavor is strong if you use 1/2)

1/2 tsp garlic salt

1/2 tsp chili powder

1/4 tsp coriander

1/4 tsp allspice

1/4 tsp basil

1/4 tsp cumin

1/4 tsp cinnamon

pinch oregano

pinch cayenne pepper

pinch thyme

Directions –

1. Soak the beans overnight in warm water with a pinch of lemon, covered. You could use canned beans if you need to; I think the conversion would be 4 cups.

2. Finely chop the onions and peppers.

3. Melt the butter into a pan and saute the sweet onions until lightly browned and the peppers. Add the beef towards the end of this process.

4. Meanwhile, pour the soaked beans into a large pot. Add enough water to completely cover the beans , cover, and bring to a boil. Let boil for a minute or two and then reduce the heat to a simmer and let cook for about an hour to an hour and a half. Once they are fairly soft during this time frame, remove the lid and let the water burn off until the beans start to get a bit dry. Add the canned tomatoes and let it continue to cook. A bit later, add all of the spices, onions, peppers, beef, everything. Let cook until the consistency is thick, the beans are soft to your liking, and the flavors have all melded together.

5. Top with sour cream, cheese, avocado, anything!


Kidney beans * are packed with fiber and protein! They also have high amounts of molybdenum (a detoxifier), folate, tryptophan (aids in feeling happy!), manganese, iron, copper, and B1!

Habanero peppers * linked to prevention of certain cancers due to their antioxidants. They are also said to aid in digestion, cause a release of endorphins, increase fat burning, improve circulation, decrease congestion, and reduce blood pressure.

Tomatoes * also contain a LOT of vitamin A and C. Vitamin A is a potent antioxidant that has been shown in studies to reduce the effects of smoking. This does not mean it is okay to smoke, but if you do, it is a VERY good idea to make sure are getting lots of vitamin A daily. Tomatoes are also rich in lycopene, which has been proven to halt the growth of cancer cells!

16 thoughts on “The best chili you will ever eat.

  1. WHOA! This is too much to handle!!! A awesome chili for less than a dollar….it is healthy and has cocoa powder in in??? This is the bomb!!!

  2. Yum! We made chili here yesterday. It’s my absolute favorite thing to make when it’s cold. And you have a great point – it’s cheap! And the leftover are amazing. I made mine vegetarian but Billy would love your version with the beef.

    1. You can not actually taste chocolate, but Im sure it contributes to the flavor of the chili! I wouldnt leave it out. I want to try adding a lot more so that you can actually sense a subtle taste of it…

  3. I am presently freezing my arse off (where is my california weather, I ask you?! ‘course I guess it’s only like 40, maybe I’m just a wimp 😉 ) so chili sounds positively DELICIOUS…

    I will definitely have to try yours one of these days! 🙂

  4. Not only is this delicious and nutritious…but is also budget friendly! Now this is more of what I need in my life! I love how you added the maple syrup to this pot…I bet it added just the perfect amount of sweetness. Thank you for sharing this with me. I hope you had a lovely Monday. I am trying to stay warm in Austin…we finally got a cold snap down here!

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