My 21st birthday – best birthday yet.

My 21st birthday was last last friday, January 28th. I woke up for my 8am class and was greeted by cute little signs in the hallway…

its probably a good thing you cant read all of the 3rd one

thats not my name…… πŸ™‚

and at the end of the trail I found all of my house mates with a huge, wrapped birthday present!

so cute I cried..

They had each written a letter and put them into a big frame with pictures of all of us. It is definitely one of the sweetest gifts I have ever gotten. After that, I went to class, took a midterm, and when I returned home I found bouquets of flowers and this…

from my dear mama!

That evening 15 girl friends and I went to dinner downtown and I purchased my first legal drink!

the 3 of my 4 housemates and I before going out

“the Decimator” indeed.

Unfortunately, I failed to take a single picture with the whole group. 😦 Afterwards, we went downtown to a couple bars, had a few drinks, danced, and returned home to crash!

All in all, it was the perfect birthday.

25 thoughts on “My 21st birthday – best birthday yet.

  1. yay! so glad you had a great 21st birthday – it’s an important one. I love the photo frame from your housemates – what a fun memory for you to have. xo

  2. Happy Birthday!! I love that gift – what wonderful friends you have! You’ll treasure that gift, especially after you’ve all left school. You looked awesome for your big night!

    ps – I would have never guessed you weren’t 21 yet. You are mighty wise in your young age. πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful ladies celebrating a SPECIAL woman’s big day. I can’t believe you are only 21! You seem so mature! Thank you for sharing your words, your photos and your thoughts. I’m blessed to have you in my day! I hope you have a wonderful week, my friend!

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