Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free: Purely Coconut Muffins!

I, personally, am very tolerant of gluten. You could even say I love gluten because ingredients that contain gluten often have a high fiber content… and we all know I love fiber. However, I have been interested in gluten free and lower carbohydrate baking lately. My biochemistry class has emphasized over and over again how our bodies do not need dietary sugar (glucose). We can make glucose from lactate (from weight lifting or heavy drinking…), amino acids (dietary or – hopefully not – muscle protein), pyruvate, or glycerol (from fat). So, I have been wanting to make more gluten free muffins (like my Lemon Poppyseed) and ever since Heather introduced me to coconut flour, I have had coconut flour muffins on the brain! With a few trials, I have created a gluten free coconut muffin that I have been enjoying every morning with some greek yogurt and shredded coconut!

*Recipe has been updated and improved! 9/10/2011*

GF Coconut Muffins

Recipe: Makes 6-8 muffins

Dry ingredients:

1 cup coconut flour

1  tsp baking soda

(optional: 1/2 cup sugar)

Liquid ingredients:

4 eggs

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 cup coconut milk

sweetener of choice (1 mashed overripe banana, 1/2 cup honey, 1/2 cup coconut nectar, the sugar listed above, or just the stevia listed below – I recommend a combo of liquid sweetener and stevia)

1 tsp vanilla extract

stevia drops, to taste

coconut oil to grease muffin pan

Directions – Preheat the oven to 350. Combine all of the dry ingredients in one bowl and mix. Combine all of the wet ingredients in another bowl and mix. If possible, use room temp milk so that the coconut oil doesn’t harden when you combine them.) Pour the wet over the dry and combine with a spatula. Grease a muffin pan with some coconut oil and add the batter. If you wish, you can sprinkle some shredded coconut over the tops for a pretty effect. Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes, or until they pass the toothpick test.


Coconut * coconut gets a bad rap because of its saturated fat content, but its fatty acids are mainly medium-chain triglycerides, not long-chain. The long-chain triglycerides are bad for our cholesterol levels, but coconut has been shown to improve cholesterol levels. Animal studies suggest that medium-chain triglycerides can increase metabolism.

Coconut flour * 1 cup contains 40 grams of fiber and 16 grams of protein. It is one of the lowest carb flours you can use!

Eggs * the yolk is where all the nutrients are! It contains tryptophan, selenium, iodine, B vitamins, and phosphorous, many of which are necessary for optimal metabolism. The egg white has 6 grams of complete protein!

Next up: Chocolate Coconut Muffins and COCONUT RUM MUFFINS!

53 thoughts on “Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free: Purely Coconut Muffins!

  1. Yum! They look like a yummy hybrid of muffin and biscuit which sounds like heaven in my opinion. I’m experimenting with some GF recipes this month, and need to get some coconut flour.

  2. Wow- that’s a lot of fiber. I might have to go get some coconut flour now! And that part about glucose is interesting. I’m trying to cut back on my sugar intake because I have a huge sweet tooth and eat too much of it 🙂

  3. Srsly? 16grams of protein for coconut flour?! Damn I may need to eat that straight up. I’m getting lazy with protein lately!
    I’ve never tried coconut flour before though. I didn’t know coconut had that much protein!

  4. OMG< LAUREN YOU READ MY MIND!!!! I just bought a bag of coconut flour and was wondering what to make with it….and then you made it sugar-free??!! You are too sweet 😉

      1. I love that part of your blog too!

        Also, I can’t wait to see your future lower carb and gluten free recipes! Those kind of recipes make my body feel at its best!

  5. Yes yes YES. I am always looking for good coconut flour recipes, I have a big that is just begging to be baked with! This look perfect. And I’ve been curious about this whole gluten free extravangza going on lately too (and also mildly suspecting that I might be sensitive to it lately) so all the more incentive to try these. SAVED.

    PS – HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. You have the cutest sweetest friends ever, it looks like it was incredible!

    1. Thank you so much girl! My friends definitely are sweet 🙂 I am so grateful. And you should totally make these! Gluten doesnt bother me a bit – but I still love these! I am finally getting sick of them after eating them for breakfast most days for literally two months now haha (I had a lot of practice batches for this recipe…)

  6. Don’t you just love coconut? I most certainly do! And my best friend just found out she needs to avoid gluten. I am going to send her this recipe. Thank you for sharing your tasty treat with me. I hope you are having a happy and warm Wednesday night.

  7. Hey! Where do you get coconut flour in our area? Also what do you think about substituting the milk for coconut milk? If you have someone who is lactose. (Not me though! :))

    Can’t wait to try some of your recipes.

    1. Where is your area? Is your area my area? I would try a Whole Foods, co-op, or specialty food store bulk bin!You could totallyy sub in coconut milk. I think that would rock.Thank you, new commenter!

  8. These look amazing! I adore coconut & had no idea how healthy coconut flour is! I will have to hunt some down for sure.

  9. I am only a bit gluten sensitive but can tolerate gluten well for 3 days in a row!! I mostly eat gf now & I love coconut flour a lot too! It is so tasty & healthy as well!

    Your gf coconut scones look so delectable!!

    Many greets from a foodie from Brussels, Belgium!!!

  10. Wow, that picture of your GF coconut muffin is definitely not what I envisioned after reading the title of this recipe. I’m assuming some sort of sorcery was necessary to craft such a delicious-looking low-carb muffin. (jk)

  11. Im makIng these today! In going to sweeten it with organic argave nectar as it has a low go and stops sugar spikes. It’s twice as sweet as honey etc so you’d only use half as much aswell!

    1. Oh hun, I wouldnt use agave nectar. It has a high fructose content (which is why it doesnt spike blood sugar) and the fructose is very much preferentially converted to fat. I stay away from that stuff. Use stevia! Or even normal sugar is better than agave nectar.


  12. Hi Lauren. Just popped these in the oven. My batter was not liquid at all. Should this be the case? The coconut flour, it seems, has absorbed lots of the liquid mixture.

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