The best way to get your professor’s attention..

If you ever want to get someone’s attention – and I mean anyone – munch on kale chips in front of them.

I was at my Biochem professor’s office hours with about 20 other students itching to get some tidbits about the midterm and was having zero luck getting his attention to ask a question.

So, I pulled out a snack.

It was green and flaky. It looked like seaweed. It was delicious.

It was kale chips.

In the midst of talking, he abruptly stopped, mouth hanging open, and asked, What are you eating? I responded with a meek …Kale chips…Wanna try one? And he did! After saying you couldn’t pay me to eat that, he popped one in his mouth and liked it. Keep in mind that this is man who wears cowboy boots and jeans to lecture and only eats animal fat and protein and seems to imbibe on a daily basis.

He continued to eat my chips for the rest of office hours.

This shiz costs you 7$ for a tiny bag at Whole Foods and 9$ at Daily Juice in Austin! My recipe only costs 2.50$. Score!

Homemade Zesty Kale Chips

Recipe: Makes 1-2 servings

1 bunch kale, destemmed

1/4 cup cashews

1 small red bell pepper

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp yellow curry paste or powder

1 clove garlic

1/2 tbsp nutritional yeast

2 tbsp chopped sweet onion

1/2 tsp cumin

sea salt

Directions – Combine everything except the kale in a blender. Blend until smooth. Rub the mixture onto the kale stalks. Lay the stalks single file on a baking sheet.

If you want them to be more raw (but I am pretty sure they wont count as raw still) you can bake them for a 3-4 hours until crispy at your lowest oven setting. You can go up in temperature (until about 350) and the baking time will decrease. Simply remove from the oven when they are crisp.


Also, just another quick little dinner idea for you!

Wasabi crusted chicken with brown rice, vegetables, and peanut sauce

Bad lighting 😦 delicious though 🙂

Recipe: Serves 1

4 oz chicken

1 tbsp wasabi powder

1 egg white

precut zucchini & carrots

1/2 cup brown rice, prepared

1 tbsp peanut flour

1 tsp teriyaki sauce

2-3 tbsp peanut sauce

2-3 tbsp peanuts

Directions –

1. Dip your chicken breast in 1 egg white. Then, cover in wasabi powder. Cook on the stove until white all the way through.

2. Steam your veggies. I simply put them in a bowl, covered, and microwave for 90 seconds with 1/2 tbsp water. Drain (but drink the liquid)!

3. To prepare your sauce, take 2-3 tbsp of a store bought peanut sauce (I used Trader Joes, but you could also just use some type of milk/almond milk and increase the peanut flour) and mix with the peanut flour and teriyaki sauce.

4. Toss the rice and veggies in the sauce. Top with wasabi crusted chicken. Sprinkle on a bit more wasabi and the peanuts. Enjoy!


Kale * Extremely high levels of vitamins K, A, and C! Also has manganese, calcium, fiber, and antioxidants.

Onions * contain anti-aging antioxidants phenolics and flavonoids. A study by Dr. Liu showed that pungent and Western yellow onions protected the most against colon cancer, while pungent yellow, Western yellow, and shallots protected the most against liver cancer.

Peanuts * a great source of manganese, Vitamin E, tryptophan (calming!), niacin, folate, and copper! Peanuts also contain lots of healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants! They have been linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and have been shown to significantly lower your chances of getting colorectal cancer.

30 thoughts on “The best way to get your professor’s attention..

  1. Omg this is hilarious. I don’t know if any of my professors would go for kale chips. Maybe the women. Actually, I’ve never even tried kale chips myself. Boo me 😦
    Ahh can’t wait till this quarter’s done! Any spring breakie plans? 🙂

  2. Love it! Did he answer your questions as he ate your chips? I made a batch of kale chips last week with the sweet potato/cashew dip from Choosing Raw as the coating and they turned out really good. I stood in front of the dehydrator and finished off a whole dehydrator tray – the never even make it to a bowl.

  3. Hilaroius description of your professor – he sounds like he might belong in Texas, not California. 😉

    I love kale chips! And agree they are too expensive to buy – at least not on a regular basis. I need to pick up a bunch of kale asap!

  4. Thanks for your sweet note on my latest blog, Lauren. Needless to say, you’re awesome 🙂

    What’s funny is that I actually gave kale chips to my Biology professor last term too. I feel like kale chips and professors are a good combo. I also totally feel like eating kale in front of professors is completely appropriate because it’s the only time when you can turn the tables on them and get them to ask YOU questions. Ha! Ha! (Ha!)

    1. You are so welcome :) And how odd that you did the same thing with your bio professor!!! THATS SERIOUSLY WEIRD. Bio/chem/biochem professors seem to appreciate weird health foods more than social sciences teachers. They are more in tune with the body? I dont know. But his rxn was hilarious. Did he like them?

      1. (Actually it was a she) — and now that I think about it, I think her initial reaction was just like your prof’s : when I asked her to try, she flat out told me “I don’t eat sour cream chips” (the kale chips were “sour cream & hemp”) after which she promptly proceeded to shove one in her mouth. And then said, with a hidden note of shame in her voice, “Hmm…not bad”.


  5. That story is just awesome. Awesome in every which way. And seriously great that the meat-eater tried and liked the kale. 🙂 Who wouldn’t with that recipe? And sadly, I have never made my own kale chips… so sad.

    Chicken? Wasabi? Will you come make me some for dinner???

    So, let’s plan a trip to the city to try out some vegan DELICIOUSness places! Yes???

    1. LORI I have so much to say to you right now!FIRST off. I am so sorry that I didnt get back to you about SF. We didnt end up going 😦 but Im sure in the next few weeks I will! I wanna do some shopping and eating!Second. I have tried to comment on your LAST THREE POSTS and your blog would never download. I could only see it on my reader. I finally got it to work a few hours ago. So Ima go comment. But in short – you, those photos, and that velvet ARE insane. Insanely awesome.Third. Get you some wasabi. Coat peanuts in it. For a snack. Coat chicken in it. For dinner. Coat kale in it. Make chips.

  6. Hahaha. That is amazing. Converting the masses one kale chip at a time. I’m definitely going to have to try your recipe now. I’ve been meaning to make kale chips for 3 days. I have a bunch left in the fridge still. Perfect!

  7. Almost laughed out loud in the airport reading that! I love eating green foods just because people draw attention to them and have to know what they are. It’s always cool when someone who is a “steak and potatoes” eater will eating something raw/green/different and like it.

    1. Yes! Glad I could make you laugh – or almost! And it was awesome seeing him eat the kale… I bet his body was thanking him for it. Probably the first “carb” he’s eaten in 5 years.

  8. Smile. I just love sharing “health” food with friends and strangers. It always tickles me to see people enjoy food that they previously thought was un-enjoyable. I know that these kale chips are delicious, and I love how affordable they are too! Thanks for sharing, sweet lady. I hope you have a splendid weekend full of sleep, laughter and love!

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