Hello from Park City, Utah!

Finals ended last week and I am now enjoying Spring break. Rather than having a wild, typical college break somewhere, I opted to visit my parents at their new home. It’s lovely here, but so cold! I have just been relaxing and enjoying this view.

We went to a lovely dinner last night at La Caille, but I don’t have a cord to share the pictures at the moment, so foodie pictures may have to wait a bit! The only thing missing here is Nina! I miss her. And I am so glad that I am saying that right now because, not gonna lie, I was seriously worried about that for a while. The first two weeks of puppy ownership were hell. It actually made me question my desire and ability to have children one day. A couple nights were so bad that the next day I wondered if I would be one of those extremely unfortunate women who suffers from post-partum depression. Yeah… She is being watched by a puppy sitter while I am away. She sends me pictures of her throughout the day – it is precious!

Before I left…

On my flights over here, I had ample time to think about a few things. I have much more growing up to do and I have a few goals that I need to put out in the open in order to hold me accountable – no matter how embarrassing.

1. Be a better driver. This means always wearing a seatbelt and not speeding. I have improved in both of these areas, but the 25 mph speed limit in all of Davis is my weakness.

2. Be a more neat and clean person. Adults don’t skip showers for a day or two. They clean their bathroom and vacuum on a regular basis. They hang their clothes up immediately after drying or use. They do not wear black jeggings and Uggs in public. I need to do (or not do) these things. And take off that damn crusted nail polish!

3. Don’t be a grumpy beez. Especially to your mother, who put up with your shi-nanigans during your high school years.

4. Spend less $ on food. I actually have the opposite problem of most people – I need to decrease my consumption of veggies and quality proteins. This sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. I thought that because I never eat out and prepare all my meals at home, I could spend whatever I needed on groceries because I was saving money in comparison. My last meal before leaving California for Utah changed my mind. In the fridge, I had a chicken breast, a bunch of kale, 1/3 of an avocado, and goat cheese that needed to be eaten. So, I grilled the chicken and sauteed the kale, and rubbed both with goat cheese and threw in the chopped avocado. This is what I brought with me to the airport for lunch.

Chicken = 2.50$ (half pound at 5$ a pound)

Kale = 2$ a bunch

1/3  avocado = .50$

1-oz goat cheese = .75$

So my homemade meal cost 5.75$. I am a college student. Who do I think I am?? Two years ago, I wrote a pamphlet on healthy eating that was aimed at teenagers and their families who live below the poverty line. I distributed them at the high schools and grocery stores in the least affluent areas of Austin. The pamphlet included a grocery list to sustain a family of 4 for a week for 60$. Obviously, goat cheese was not on that list. As a 21 year old student, I should not be spending more on my own eating than a family of 4. I eat tons of fresh veggies and lean proteins several times a day, so cutting back a couple times a week is not going to harm my health at all. I plan on incorporating a bit more beans and lentils into my diet and having a couple more typical college kid meals a week (think milk-and-cereal, I’ll never be down with Ramen). Feel free to comment with your thoughts, agree or disagree!

5. Continue to keep up with world events and always take the time to put yourself in other people’s shoes. What must it be like to lose your entire family to a tsunami or live in fear of a nuclear radiation leak? How would it feel to take part in riots that succeeded in forcing a multi-decade dictator to step down? How desperate must one be to light themselves on fire to protest police brutality? I want to do more than just acknowledge these things, but at the moment, I do not know what or how.

Before I go, I want to share with you a cool link! Yale University has a center called the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. On their website there is a page with tons of presentations from fabulous professors and experts on topics ranging from The Economics of Food Pricing to Food and Fashion in Our Society. Just read through the titles, pick one that sparks your interest, and click on it for the powerpoint!

24 thoughts on “Lofty

  1. I can relate to pretty much all of these goals!! I need to calm down at the grocery store/produce aisle too sometimes. And I actually set CNN as my homepage a few days ago in an effort to keep up with world news! Number 3 is another fave of mine. Love this post! 🙂

  2. Oh fun! I hope you are enjoying your vacation time. What a beautiful place to be. I’m 29 and I still relate to some of the points in your list. My job requires that I wear workout clothes so dressing up is so very rare, and washing my hair should probably occur more often. Billy and I just moved into a new place and it’s nicer than our last apartment. I’m trying to make it more adult-like, but it’s hard to keep a larger space clean and organized all the time. Vacuuming is one of my favorite things to do – I want a super duper one, but ours is kind of pathetic. Haha.

  3. I hope you have a great time with your family! Nina looks so cute 🙂

    And I think it can be a lot easier to eat cheaper than you think! You don’t really need meat for every meal, you can even have it every other day and you would save a whole lot of $. Also, oatmeal is extremely cheap. I can get 1 pound for 1.99, and it will make me about 10 bowls full (that can be 10 breakfasts!). Also, I go for the cheap fruit-bananas and apples.

  4. Great Goals!!! 😀

    Do you eat Oatmeal for Breakfast? I love it, and it is SO cost efficient! 😀 Peanut Butter is another cost efficient item, and so delicious too! 😀

    Beans are such a great choice! 😀 I love them in everything!!! Cookies included. 😉


  5. The pup is SO cute!!! 🙂 My dog is a year old now and he’s finally getting the be the kind of dog we’ve been training him to be… almost 🙂

    I can totally sympathize with puppy hell the first few weeks. It was like having a newborn baby, I never slept and all my coworkers used to tell me how shitty I looked all the time haha. My boss even sent me home to sleep twice 🙂

  6. I really need to remember to follow your #’s 3-5. I totally relate to #3. I tend to think that just because I’m buying groceries or eating at home, that I’m actually spending less — which might not always be true.
    And I need to be less of a grumpy mcgrumperson. Rawr!
    ❤ hope you're having a wonderful break!

  7. When I came across your blog through other teen blogs I noticed you were from Austin, too! That’s what mainly got me to follow your blog but obviously your posts are great too 😀
    I go to Westlake HS, does that sound familiar to you?

    1. Oh my goodness, I went there. I can totally see westlake girls making ridiculous lists like that. That is disgusting. I went to St Stephens for fresh and soph year and westlake for junior and senior. When I was a senior, were you a freshman? 2008..

      Sent from my iPhone

  8. i like this post a lot lauren!! your puppy is so cute!!! sorry to hear that you had a rough time with him at first but glad to hear its getting better – im sure his cuteness is totally rewarding for all that trouble though! haha.

    i like your list a lot.. i could definitely do some of those things myself. like not being grumpy to my mom and try to keep up with world events (i’m terrible at this). i try not to spend a lot of money on food, but i have a meal plan as part of my tuition at school so it forces me to eat in the dining hall, which i try to do often. i dont eat out unless it is a social thing. to cut down on costs of food though i think beans + grains is a really good choice. that is not expensive at all. maybe even some pasta… also ive found that not buying granola/snack bars makes a HUGE difference because that stuff is at least $2 per bar – OR you can buy the ones that come in a box already. also there are certain fruits/veg that you dont need to buy organic which can make a slight price diff as well!! let us know how the cost-reduction goes!

  9. Love these goals! Although I disagree about the Jeggings. you can totally pull them off. And the grocery bill…but maybe that’s cause I live in NYC where it’s impossible to find lunch for less than 8 bucks. 😛

    So glad things are working out better with Nina! I hope you have a stellar spring break!

  10. So, I do believe, based on your analysis and numbered points above, I am not an adult… I fit into every one of your number categories… but I always wear my seat belt. Anyway, I spend, on average, if not more, around $300 on food a month. this is for me and my boyfriend but I can tell you right now I eat way more of the food I buy than he does (he eats out for lunches at work and such).

    My credit card bills are outrageous from all the cooking/baking/food’ing I do. It’s crazy. And I can’t stop. I’m not going to go without fresh greens! So, sadly, I cannot help you there. lol

    But I’m also messy, at least in my bedroom and bathroom- rest of the house is clean. And I get angry and grumpy on my mom for little things still- she’s kinda annoying at times… even though it’s out of love.

  11. Hello! I SO need to reduce my grocery bills too…all those organic goodies and interesting things I find in the blog-world makes serious damage on my parent’s wallet. Sometimes it is really worth it, but I still need to restrain myself abit 😉 lol.

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