NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway!

I am a huge fan of stevia. I have tried almost every brand out there and I can honestly say that NuNaturals is the best. Most other brands have a bitter aftertaste or just taste a lil’ funky. NuNaturals is also the only brand I have been able to easily bake with. Their Baking Blend can be used in the same amounts as sugar, so you don’t have to do any crazy conversions or substitutions.

Why not just use sugar? Because the body doesn’t need it! Yes, it is true that our brains can only use glucose, but that is what carbohydrates (fruit, veg, rice, bread, etc) are made of. Straight up refined sugar is not nutritionally necessary and can have many negative effects on the body, like raising blood sugar, spiking insulin, causing insulin resistance, obesity, and diabetes. Furthermore, your cells can convert dietary protein (and lactate, pyruvate, and the glycerol backbone of fat) to glucose, which is why you don’t die on Atkins.

Stevia can be found in my recipes for raw blueberry cheesecake, nutty bars, skinny margaritas, yogurt pops, blackberry pecan muffins, and more.

However, I know stevia is pretty expensive, especially the liquid kind, so I am super excited to announce that…

4 Whole Wheat or Bust readers will win a box of 50 stevia packets and a bottle of NuNaturals [famous] vanilla liquid stevia!

I rarely enter blog giveaways, but I always do when its stevia or protein powder. I recommend you hop on this gravy train. It’s eazay:

1. One entry for commenting with a recipe you would like to see featured or ‘healthified’ on the blog.

2. One entry for commenting with a suggestion for something you would like to see more and/or less of on Whole Wheat or Bust (like workouts, personal information, specific types of recipes, health facts, news, photos, posts in general).

3. One, two, or three entries for posting about this giveaway on your blog, facebook, and/or twitter. Just make sure you leave a separate comment for each!

4. One entry for telling me something health related that you want to learn more about. (For example, B vitamins, the female athlete triad, the insulin index, dietary cholesterol…)

Also, NuNaturals has kindly offered to send you free samples of their NuStevia Packets if you send a self-addressed, stamped, # 10 envelope to them at:

NuNaturals, INC
2220 West 2nd Ave. # 1
Eugene, OR  97402

Anddd, Whole Wheat or Bust readers get  a special  15% discount and free shipping on orders over 35$ on online orders at ! At the checkout page, enter the code BLG930.

The giveaway ends in 10 days, on August 18th, 2011!

Woo, that was a mouthful! I hope you all enter the giveaway and have a wonderful Monday!

127 thoughts on “NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway!

  1. I really would like to learn more about how a runner can be at a racing weight, slim down, build long lean muscle (I do circuit training regularly now) in order to run better. I can’t find much on this. And I’m dying to know! Thanks so much!

  2. I’d like to see more healthy recipes that could be great packed lunches. I’d also like more tips on healthy living/diet/exercise and balance.

  3. I bought one bottle once a long time ago, and actually liked it. I would be intrigued to see how this brand works with my system!

    And I would like you to healthify some creme brulee! I have no idea how you would do it, but that’s what I want! Muahaha!

  4. I just love your posts already, but if there is something I would like to see more of…hmmmm…probably more about the stuff you learn in your classes! I love your interesting facts you share 😀

  5. I LOVE NuNaturals. They seriously do taste way better than any other Stevia or alternative sweetener.

    A recipe I’d love to see healthified by a Whole Wheat or Bust gal would be cinnamon rolls…? How about some of the other suggestions.. some biscotti, carrot cake, creme brulee! Wow, you’ve got some creative readers. 😉

  6. One thing I really want to learn more about is how the body works — that’s what I want to go into when I go into college — like a Food Scientist, or a Nutritional Scientist, or even a Biochemist. 🙂

  7. thanks for holding this wonderful giveaway! I’ve heard so much about NuNaturals. One recipe I would love to see on your blog is tamales! I LOVE tamales, but most are made with a ton of oil or lard. A healthified recipe would be great.

  8. I would love to see more recipes on your blog using coconut flour and stevia! I’m very sensitive to sugars and find coconut flour and stevia to be absolutely delish, but don’t really understand how to use them in baking without getting a completely dry powdery product.

  9. a health related issue I would love to learn more about is thyroid dysfunction and specifically what foods, practices can help!

  10. I LOVED Your lasagna and egg salad recipe… so i guess savory entree style recipes is what I want more of! But i also loved your post about your dad and others about your family and self improvement. I love introspective posts that make u think!

    honestly….. i want anything BUT info on the athlete triad. way too sick of hearing that. But I got into a discussion with someone at work about OIL : olive vs canola vs vegetable vs sunflower ( seriously the list goes on). Most people know “good” vs “bad” – though i had comparing things like that. For me, i stay away from canola solely because i don’t feel good when i eat it so thus i assume it is harmful if it makes me feel like doodoo. But why exacty is it worse than other oils – i had trouble explaining the scientific reasoning today. so i’d love to learn about that!

  11. I would like to hear more about metabolism. I think I am sitting at a good rate but I still love learning more about it.

  12. I would love to see more veggie-full recipes, i.e. good stirfry combos, salads, etc. that are light on meat, dairy, or eggs!

  13. I would also like to learn more about how certain vitamins/minerals interact with the absorption of each other (for example, iron vs. calcium, oxalates, etc.)

  14. I want to learn more about how to eat as an athlete (a runner) and what nutrients are most important. Also what to eat preworkout or race and post workout/race.

  15. i’d love to see any variations you come up with on your vanilla high protein bars–i actually baked a chocolate version last week that was awesome! considering a lemon poppyseed one soon :).

  16. i’m interested in more about the female athlete triad, as i struggle with pretty much all the symptoms and would love any advice/insight/info you’ve gathered on it.

    1. Oh crap girl! You need it to make hemoglobin, which carries oxygen around your body and is essential for life! Its definitely inhibiting your workouts – so hop on those iron pills! I recommend SlowFe… dont want to get the consts! And lots of beef and meats, obvs.

  17. I would like to read your opinions about “acidying/alkalizing” foods. I’ve only heard about them and do not know if eating that way will truly improve health.

  18. You always have such rockin’ recipes, I’d love to see more that are vegan or are easily veganized. Hearing more about health facts would be awesome too!

  19. Something health related that I think would be interesting to find out about is how fiber (mainly a excess amount) effects women hormonal health

      1. Oops I emailed this to you, but I’ll paste it here as well:)

        Yeah, all you hear about is how fiber is good for you and can do no wrong. But I’ve seen it mentioned a few places (maybe there are a few articles on it?) that too much fiber can block the absorption of nutrients and omega fatty acids and also effect your estrogen levels.

        Here is one of the links I remember reading

  20. Completely selfish of me, I’d also love to see a post on regulating hormones naturally, as a recovering amenorrhean.. I just invented that word. 🙂

  21. I’d be interested in learning about whatever you’re learning in your classes. I like what Lori said as well: learning about the conversion of food into fuel for our bodies.

  22. I would like to see more personal life updates because I just enjoy reading them so much! 🙂 And health facts are always fun to learn about! Keep being wonderful! ❤

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