Detox: Day 2. Bring on the caffeine headaches.

Alright, so Day 2 was quite a bit harder than Day 1. I have had caffeine withdrawal headaches all day. I bought a decaf coffee while studying, thinking that some hidden caffeine would ease my throbbing skull, but alas, Mishka’s decaf is actually…. decaffeinated.

Because of my head, I nixed working out today. Which is fine. I utilized the extra time by studying an obscene amount for my midterm on Friday. I pretty much just studied, went to class, studied more, and sipped cucumber coolers and tea all day long. The cucumber coolers are delicious and so easy to make! They are perfect for people who find water too boring. [First world problems.]

Cucumber Coolers

Recipe: Makes 1 pitcher

1 pitcher water

1/2 large cucumber

1/4 cup fresh mint, shredded

2 tbsp lemon juice


optional: stevia (I didn’t use any because I didn’t want it to be sweet, but you definitely could.)

Directions – Pour some of the water, about a pint, into a blender with the cucumber. Pulse until the cucumber is chunky. Do not over-blend! Pour the cucumber water into a pitcher with the rest of the water. Add the fresh mint and lemon juice and stir. Add ice until the pitcher is filled. Serve well chilled!

Mini meal # 1: 

Another superfood smoothie! This time with frozen strawberries and bananas and topped with almonds. Still not that good.

Mini meal # 2: 

a slice of grain free banana bread (recipe soon)

Mini meal # 3: 

Kale and carrot salad with honey sesame dressing again! I was going to make a different dressing, but the tahini/coconut butter/honey combo is really bomb.

Mini meal # 4:

I know this is weird, but I was on the go and simply heated up a frozen salmon burger. No photos please.

Meal # 5: 

I know I have made vegan cheeze sauce before, but this recipe is different and so, so good! I urge you to try it! It doesn’t have that southwestern kick that the other one does. This is more rich and creamy and remniscent of alfredo. Its also high in protein and B vitamins! For a sauce that is..

BBQ salmon with cheezy alfredo broccoli, cauliflower & bulgur

not missing dairy one bit

Recipe: Serves 1

1 cup broccoli, steamed

1/2 cup cauliflower, steamed

1/2 cup bulgur, cooked

Directions – Make the cheeze sauce and bake the salmon (directions below). To easy steam, place the raw vegetables into a microwave safe bowl with 2 tbsp water. Cover with another bowl or plate and microwave for 90 seconds. Remove and drain (or drink the green water for lots of vitamins!)  In a bowl, combine the broc, cauli, and bulgur. Add the cheeze sauce and mix well. Scoop onto a plate with the salmon. Enjoy!

For the creamy cheeze sauce – 

1/4 cup white beans, cooked

1 1/2 tbsp tahini

1 tbsp nutritional yeast

tsp lemon juice

tsp white balsamic vinegar

tsp mustard

garlic powder


drizzle of honey (do not leave this out!)

Directions – Mash the beans until a homogenous mush. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix vigorously until smooth.

For the salmon –

4 oz salmon filet

drizzle BBQ sauce

Directions – Preheat the oven to 425. Slather a thin layer of BBQ sauce over the salmon. Bake for 12-14 minutes.

And that was…

21 thoughts on “Detox: Day 2. Bring on the caffeine headaches.

  1. When I stopped drinking coffee every day I started feeling a lot better. It can be really bad for one’s stomach, increasing acidity etc… I still drink it and never drank enough to get withdrawal symptoms, but still it can be bad for you…. unless you’re hoping to avoid certain types of cancer, apparently drinking certain amount of coffee each day lower your chance of prostate cancer (I think it was prostate)… this is just the result of preliminary research by the way – it isn’t bonafide. I like the look of your detox food. I myself have stopped drinking for a month – I feel so much better!

  2. Awww bummer about the headaches! 😦 I hope they go away quickly. How long are you detoxing for? Your cucumber coolers look so wonderful and refreshing! And all your detox meals look great! I love how you’re detoxing in such a healthy, balanced way. 🙂

    1. Aww thanks Alaina!! I am definitely not all about hardcore, restrictive lifestyles. This detox has been pretty relaxed, but SUPER effective. I think I might just do it for about 5 days, which would end today. But I dont know, I feel pretty great! But Im missing my dairy quite a bit 😉

  3. I LOVED this post! It’s done and settled, I’m coming to be your 5th (???) roommate! 😉

    What kind of salmon do you use? Do you buy frozen patties or fresh? Just curious. I LOVE all of your salmon dishes and the sauce for the veggies is like a cheesy hummus sauce! Yum!

    And the Kale and carrot salad with honey sesame dressing sounds wonderful.

    Yes, only first world countries would have a problem with drinking unflavored water. lol we are SO spoiled!

  4. I love salmon, and tend to eat it grilled, but I really LOVE BBQ salmon. There’s a place here in Dallas that you would love called Company Cafe – and they have the best salmon ever. Amongst other delicious things like sweet potato mash. 🙂

  5. I used to not drink any coffee at all. I started becoming really constipated, though (tmi?), and everything did didn’t seem to help-I ate plenty of fiber, drank lots of water, apples, oats, all that jazz. I added one cup of caffeinated coffee in the morning-and all problems are gone! So for me, it works.

    And Yummmy!! That drink looks soooo fresh 😀 Love it!

  6. mmm all your eats look GOOD!! esp that cucumber cooler. perfect for these last hot summer days.
    sorry about the caffeine withdrawal =( coffee doesn’t really affect me, unless i drink too much of it late at night – i only really like the taste of it, so i drink it a few times a week – and that works really well for me – no withdrawal headaches ever!

  7. I so admire your commitment! I have a hard time going without coffee…I know what you are going through! But your cucumber cooler looked so refreshing! I hope you have a wonderful evening and weekend my friend. Thank you for sharing another delicious post with me. Many blessings as the days unfold!

  8. I’m SO impressed that you’re giving up coffee. I couldn’t do it…I’ve been addicted for far too long…

    I definitely want to taste that cheeze sauce! And the honey sesame dressing of heaven.

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