I have missed you!

I am pretty sure that was the longest break I have took from blogging since I created Whole Wheat or Bust. I have been itching to post for over a week now, but I haven’t had the time to to make any new recipes! I am going to take advantage of that fact by using this post to do two product reviews and I will be back VERY SOON with a few delicious recipes.

First up is Fit Oats Big Bites!

Now, I am not going to lie. When I first recieved the package, I thought that it had been abused by the US postal service. The box was filled with packages of oaty treats, but they were in peices and a bit crumbly. As it turns out, they are supposed to be of various shapes and sizes, (perhaps to increase snackability?).

I received Almond Coconut Delight, Banana, French Toast, Honey Bun, Cinnamon Roll, and Cinnamon Raisin. The nutrition facts and ingredients for one of my favorites, French Toast, is as follows:

I am not exactly sure what light premium spread means, obviously it is a low calorie butter substitute, but luckily there still is no trans fats in these Big Bites. I was initially put off by all the “substitute” ingredients, but I realize that the purpose is to make these taste like dessert while being as low calorie as possible. I am definitely pro eating what you really want with REAL ingredients and simply watching your portions… but these grew on me! They actually became a bit addictive. They are very sweet and the perfect little thing to grab after a meal for dessert. I wouldn’t use these as a meal substitute (which I think they are intended to be for breakfast), but I liked having them as a dessert or little snack bite.

In order of most to least, I enjoyed the French Toast, Cinnamon Roll, Honey Bun, Cinnamon Raisin, Banana, and Almond Coconut flavors. Now, I am very curious about their Power Pops and Be Cool Cookies.. Thank you, Fit Oats! 

Next up is About Time whey protein powders!

About time kindly sent me several sample packets of their whey protein to try.

The nutrition facts of my favorite, Cake Batter:

The protein blended very well and tasted quite good! It wasn’t screaming cake batter, but it was a nice light, vanilla-cakey flavor. All of the flavors were enjoyable and I love that they are all sweetened with stevia!

In order from most to least, I enjoyed the flavors of Cake Batter, Mocha Mint, Cinnamon Swirl, and Vanilla.

About Time also sent their Oatmeal Meal Replacement bar, which I loved! It was sweet and had 20 grams of protein per bar! I snacked on it through out the day rather than replacing a meal with it. Thanks, About Time!

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