3 Hotel Workouts

Hi again! Since being in Chicago, my mom, Steve, and I have been staying in the Doubletree hotel. This means warm ooey gooey, chocolate chip pecan cookies on the daily, as well as a breakfast buffet that demands heightened creativity, and your typical hotel “health center.” The workout room is actually better than most hotels; there is a fleet of treadmills, ellipticizers, a large set of dumbells, a bench, and one of those pulley machines that I don’t know how to operate. To keep the fitness going, I have been getting crafty with the workout room and thought Id share a few ideas!


Insanity Inspired Plyo Workout

  • warm up walk 1 mile, 5% incline
  • 20 lateral ski jumps
  • 20 pushups
  • repeat 3x
  • 20 jump squats
  • 30 mountain climbers
  • repeat 3x
  • 20 jump lunges
  • 20 hop-left-right-crunches
  • repeat 3x
  • 20 basketball jumps (left to right to left…)
  • 10 tricep dips
  • repeat 3x
  • cool down walk  1/2 mile, incline 5%, speed 3.5

Lateral ski jumps = stand on the left of a yoga mat (optional). Keeping your knees fairly close together, bend your knees to almost a 90 degree angle and use your arms to jump far over to the right, over the yoga mat.  Repeat to the left, then right..

Hop-left-right-crunches = Put yourself in pushup position, with elbows slightly bent and legs straight back. Hop and bring your knees close to your chest with your feet coming forward about a foot and a half and slightly to the left. Hop back to starting position. Repeat on the right side, then left..

Basketball jumps = Squat down to 90 degrees facing the left. Use your left hand to drive you to the right as you jump out of the squat as high as you can and turn 180 degrees to the right. It looks like you are making a free throw! Repeat back to the left, then right..

Lifting Day

  • warm up on the ellipticizer, 5-10 minutes
  • 15 squats holding a 50 lb dumbbell
  • 10 bicep curls into military presses with 10 lb dumbbells
  • repeat 5x
  • 20 (10 on each side) one legged lunges with other leg up on bench, 20 lb dumbbell in each hand
  • 12 dead lifts with 50 lb dumbbell
  • repeat 3x
  • 12 tricep dips on bench with feet elevated
  • 12 lateral  shoulder raises, 10 lb dumbbells
  • repeat 3x
  • 10 tricep raises with 30 lb dumbbell
  • 15 lower back raises (lay over a bench with feet secure under another bench and lift upper body up with lower back) holding 20 lb dumbbell
  • repeat 3x
  • 60 left cheek leg raises (get on all fours and lift your left leg back as high as you can)
  • 60 right cheek leg raises
  • cool down ellipticizer or treadmill, 5-10 minutes

Cardio Day

  • 10-15 minute warm up swim
  • treadmill, 1 9-minute mile
  • bicep curls with 10 lb dumbbells, tricep raises with 30 lb dumbbell, lateral shoulder raises with 5 lb dumbbells
  • treadmill 1 8-minute mile
  • bicycle crunches, leg lifts, crunches, V ups
  • treadmill 1 7-minute mile (I broke this up into two sprints)
  • booty raises and leg lifts
  • stretch to cool down

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