P28 High Protein Bagels – A product review!

Good afternoon, everyone!

About two months ago, P28 sent me a huge box of their high protein bagels and bread to try out. At first, I was skeptical about protein infused bread products, seeing as I have tried and failed miserably at any attempts at baking with protein powder. I think the issue may be related to the fact that I use whey protein isolate instead of concentrate, but I’m not sure. If anyone knows why isolate seems to yield nasty, spongy baked goods, let me know! Other bloggers seem to love “protein muffins” and whatnot, so there must be a way..

The facts:

The P28 bagels have 28 grams of protein, 260 calories, and are 100% whole wheat.

One slice of P28 bread has 14 grams of protein, 130 calories, and is also 100% whole wheat!

My thoughts:

I love both of these products. The bagels were my favorite; they have a very normal bagel texture. The only thing that makes them different from your typical bagel is that they are slightly chewier and sweeter. They were perfect for bringing to class or work. My favorite ways to eat them were 1. toasted and smothered in nut butter or cream cheese or 2. toasted and topped with avocado, mayo, tomatoes, sprouts, and onions.

The high protein bread is good too, but I found the bagels to be more fun and useful. Because these products are so high in protein, I didn’t feel the need to add much (if any) meat to them when making sandwiches or meals. What is really cool about both of these products is that they actually save you money in the grand scheme of things. Because I aim for about 30 grams of complete protein per meal, I typically saved  about a dollar each time I used two slices of P28 bread or a bagel as my protein source in a meal. Essentially, I made the same sandwiches I usually do but without the chicken, turkey, eggs, or meat. Because most protein sources run about 5$ a pound, I guestimated that I usually spend about 1.50 or 2$ each time I use meat in a meal (unless its eggs). The bagels are a dollar each, so thats a 50 cent to 1 dollar savings each time!

I definitely plan on ordering more bagels, they became a staple in just a few weeks. Super convenient, quick, and tastayy.

If you are interested in P28, you can visit there website here!

10 thoughts on “P28 High Protein Bagels – A product review!

  1. I wish we had those in France. Look so good and the protein amount is really good and useful !

    I hope that one day, we will have whole wheat bagel here (I’m not even talking about protein packed whole wheat bagel looooooool ). I miss it a lot !

    1. I only know a few basics about paleo, but I like the lower-carbness of it. I don’t have anything against dairy and I do enjoy whole grains a bit so I dont think I would ever do it for longer than a trial stint. I dont know enough about it currently to write about it!


  2. Hmmm… I haven’t heard of these bagels but I know I cannot eat the PB they make. That high of protein quantity without the fiber and without it being a whole food kills my stomach! But I think it’s cool they came out with such a high protein bagel!

  3. I adore bagels. I ate three this weekend 😉 I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on these…I’m always looking to up my protein. Thank you for sharing, sweet girl! I hope you are having a great start to your week.

  4. I’m a fan of protein, but honestly, I find it a little unnerving when they achieve the high protein levels with protein isolates. It’s just too processed for me. My preference has generally been to make baked goods higher in egg. You can buy dried egg white to bump up the protien, or non-fat dried milk.

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