CrossFit. Demystified.

CrossFit has been the mystery of physical activities for me these last couple years. I have tried almost every team sport, which I suck at, except soccer. This is particularly a shame because soccer is the only sport that I can think of that you can play in essentially any country around the world and connect with the people, even if you can’t speak the language. Besides team sports, I have tried tennis, golf, gymnastics, dance, horseback riding, swimming, running, and biking; the latter three of which lead me to become addicted to triathlon for a few years. I started in high school and then joined the tri team at UCSB. After training intensely during my freshman year, I got to go to nationals… and I haven’t ridden my bike since.  Burnout to the max. I know this was just my experience and it doesn’t have to be this way, but that intense level of cardio was not good for my health. Since then, I have gotten into lifting weights and some quick n’ dirty interval training. Long runs have only occurred when I craved them to de-stress or as a way to catch up on girl talk with my friends.

One of my more hardcore tri pix.

And Crossfit has been there. Looming. All of the people I know that do Crossfit seem addicted to it, almost maniacal. Hearing about it constantly has even gotten a tad annoying at times. What has been intriguing to me is that the CrossFit craze hasn’t appeared to be destructive in any way.  It seems to build the participants up in the most healthful and stable of ways. The women are strong, confident, and seem to value health and strength over being skinny and slaving away at the cardio machines. The men are disciplined, passionate, and aren’t doing it to beef up their biceps. Because realistically, max speed and strength does not always equal max size. 

What has kept me away from Crossfit has been the cost. I couldn’t justify paying several hundred dollars a month to join the local Crossfit gym when I have an excessively nice and free gym at UCD.

I think it may have been fate that a couple weeks ago, a guy at the gym approached me while I was doing back squats on the squat rack. He asked me if I’d ever considered Crossfit and I explained that Yes, I had considered it, but it was too expensive. He told me that UCD students have their own Crossfit club that they do at the Crossfit gym, but during after hours, so it’s dirt cheap. It took me a couple weeks, but I finally went last night.

And I loved it. When I got there, the first round people doing the Workout of the Day were just finishing up. And damn did they look badass! Girls were doing pull-ups and hanging body dips and guys were doing crazy things on the gymnastics rings and headstand pushups. I was in the second group, along with several other noobs, and everyone was incredibly welcoming. We got clear instruction on how to perform the different movements and then we were off!

First, we did a 10 minute warm up consisting of 1 minute rotations of situps, squats, these leg stretch things, and a stretch with a pipe. Next, was the workout. The goal was to do as many rounds as possible of 4 pull ups, 4 tricep dips, 8 kettle bell swings, and 4 military presses in 20 minutes.

It was intense, but I felt more than just energized afterwards. I was literally high on endorphins. And not just from the workout, but from the incredible energy of the group. Everyone, people I didn’t know, was encouraging me and others to keep going and congratulating one another at the end.

I hate to say it, but I might just become one of those obnoxious Crossfit freaks. Hopefully, y’all can bear with me ;).

And, I have some super good recipes coming soon, so come back!

17 thoughts on “CrossFit. Demystified.

    1. Yeah girl you are super busy. But onee ddayyyy if you are less intense about tennis – you shoudl give it a try! Unless there is some other crazy awesome new workout style by that time!


  1. I too have been dying to try Crossfit, but here in Boulder it is seriously expensive. They know they can really hike up the prices! I’m waiting for a Groupon to come along. 🙂 I just can’t justify paying a $200 gym membership for a single-purpose gym!

    1. I totally understand- I was in the same boat! But now that I know how awesome it is… once I graduate and dont have access to the Crossfit student club or the University gym – I think I would pay that 200!


  2. Mwahahaha! Another one converted! It’s SO much fun, isn’t it?! Hard as hell but fun. 🙂

    This post was beautifully written, by the way.

  3. YES YES YES. Welcome to the dark side, mwahhahaha! I am so happy for u. Yes you will be addicted. But then we can talk crossfit all day long ! 🙂 it changes your life – the community, the empowerment.. i can go on. SO EXCITED FOR U!!!!!! post more

  4. Awesome post! have heard so much about crossfit but not sure i could handle it! Kudos to you for powering through it and loving it!

  5. I’ve actually been wanting to try crossfit for a long time now!!! It looks like so much fun (in a sick/twisted kind of way hahah).
    This summer when I work at lululemon again, I’ll be able to go to a crossfit box for free because a guy I work with is a trainer there!
    That is one thing that always stops me from doing crossfit – the cost! It is obscenely expensive!

    1. It is fun in a sick way haha! And you meet so many interesting new people. Thank you for commenting!! I just checked out your blog – and I really like it! Especially the post about BS diet rules!


  6. Hi, your friend Liz told me about your awesome blog while I was up touring housing in Davis for the fall and I must say she is absolutely right! I love that you put the benefits of your ingredients from each recipe. Everything look so yummy too : ) I also gotta say I really want to try Crossfit more seriously beyond beginner classes which in Oakland are free to anyone, but the price tag is kinda off putting. But this student thing sounds magical! Do you think you might be able to point me in the right direction?

    Also good luck with the MCAT!

  7. Hi there, great article. I’ve been crossfitting for over a year now in UCD but somehow haven’t come across the club, could you please give me some more info on it or just a name, would be great to train with people with similar goals! Cheers

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