quick hello: 2 tabata workouts

Hey y’all! 

Since being home, Kelly and I have been working out in the gym and have gotten a bit creative with what is available. I made up a tabata workout (aka WORK for this many seconds, rest for this many) this morning that kicked my behind. All you gotta do is use a timer and try your best!

Tabata #1

Work for 45 seconds, rest for 10 seconds

Rowing machine

Tricep dips

Lateral ski jumps

V ups

Squat jumps

Crossover abs (touch your left foot with right hand and vv)

Leg raise (1st and 3rd cycle left butt cheek, 2nd and 4th right butt cheek)

4 cycles, totaling 25 minutes


And another one!

Tabata #2

Work for 45 seconds, rest 10 seconds

Jump squats, with 10 lb dumbell

Headstand pushups (with box if needed)

V ups

Pull ups

Crossover abs

4 cycles, totaling 20 minutes



7 thoughts on “quick hello: 2 tabata workouts

  1. I’ve actually never tried rowing machines before. This makes me wanna try it next time! It always looked sorta…intimidating..haha;;

  2. I don’t know if El has told you about the game yet, but you’re giving me good ideas of workouts to incorporate!!! I’m glad your finally back in the CA, I’ll see you at crossfit tomorrow!

    Btw, come over to our place tomorrow if you’d like to be a part of the brainstorming for tomorrows Team WOD. And by tomorrow I mean today…

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