A laugh for you.

Hey guys! After my bacon grease post, my mom sent me a hilarious email that I wanted to share. I let my weird self show someee times on the blog, but I dont know if y’all really know just how deep it goes. 😉 Here are a few embarrassing stories from my child hood… Enjoy?


About the bacon grease post – Geez!! Good one. This reminded me of Grandma. She used to make bacon every morning and, of course, saved the grease in a jar for frying eggs or potatoes or just about anything else. 

Good idea on the iodized sea salt and nitrate free bacon. I didnt even know that
they had nitrate free bacon.  Duh. 

Have fun in Petaluma!! Love you,


BTW – I am supposed to write up a funny story about you when you were growing up. There are several things that I remember being funny–but there is a fine line between embarrassing and funny, so I ask you to tell me what funny stories you remember about growing up that are OK to share.

Some things that came to my mind:
1. Obsessively aligning and straightening the candies in the bins at the Hollywood video store, Miss OCD!! What happened to that kid??

2. Making choking faces and holding your nose when we drove by someone who was smoking… 

3. Telling Tim Sullivan (Sierra’s dad) who was drinking a beer, “That will kill you.” And then to demonstrate the point,  you fell to the ground choking and faked death in the restaurant. 

4. Insisting that we pick up trash in the neighborhood and walking up and down courtyard with a garbage bag.
Wow–you were so socially responsible, to which I credit Highland Park Elementary with their anti-bullying and anti-smoking lectures, etc.

5. Finding a bracelet in kindergarten on the play ground and hiding it in your underwear to take home – instead of putting it in the lost and found as instructed. 
OK- not so socially responsible there.

6. You decided to research dolls on the internet because I think you might have been investigating those dolls that your grandma gave to you. You accidently ended up on dolls . com (porno, apparently) and immediately wrote up some rules for yourself for using the internet.
-For this I credit your Catholic education and all the inherent guilt that comes with this religion.

What was funny to you????? MOM

Well, Mom, those were all pretty damn funny. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

8 thoughts on “A laugh for you.

  1. Haaaaa!

    And finally some bacon grease! I always seperate mine in water to get rid of the solid bits so its pure grease. Gotta love density.

  2. LOL omg this is adorable and HILARIOUS! I went to Catholic school too and oh lordie the guilt! I argued with my sister ONCE – one time!! – and immediately requested my mother take me to confession. haha

    BTW – I wanted to let you know just how much your comment on my last post and your reply to my last comment over here have meant to me =) You put such a big smile on my face!

  3. HAHA..this was great! it totally made my day, super funny!!! i wish i had fun stories like that! haha. 🙂 thanks for sharing!

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