Desperate times call for desperate measures.

As has become a tradition this Spring quarter, I went out with friends on Thursday night.

me, samantha, carlyn, carlos, nicole, marie, amelia & marissa 

I have had this lingering old man wheeze for a few weeks now, and on Friday morning, I woke up from the festivities with a full blown “producing cough’ (as mom calls it). Like, nasty. We’re talkin’ a pneumonia-bronchitis hybrid with a little bit of death thrown in there. It basically feels like a microbial colony is growing inside my lungs and airway. Unfortunately, it is probably viral, so I can’t go Western medicine on it’s ass. In a desperate attempt to revive myself for tonight (Cinco de Drinko?), I have been doing some rather alternative treatments…

1. Ah, nevermind.

2. Drinking 2000 mg of vitamin C every 2 hours. And orange peels.

3. Staying in on Friday night with my MCAT books and sleeping for TEN POINT FIVE HOURS. Unheard of.

4. Eating extra protein so the body has enough amino acids to manufacture the needed immune cells without breaking down any muscle.

5, 6, and 7. Snacking on local bee pollen, kombucha, and wheat germ for their possible immune-enhancing properties. Bee pollen may help with local allergies, so that would at least not make my cough worse. Kombucha is full of beneficial bacteria, which can help displace pathogenic bacteria in the colon. Wheat germ is a good source of zinc, which is needed for immune function.

8. This is where things get cray. I went to the farmers market this morning and bought kale, spinach, and a pound of cow liver. About six people told me liver is disgusting, but I ignored them. After reading about the nutrients that are linked to immune system, I was willing to eat anything to get massive quantities of vitamin A, zinc, and iron. Liver is literally oozing vitamin A (and the other two). So much so that if you eat too much pate or liver you can actually overdose and get Vitamin A toxicity in just one meal. But that is only if your stores were already very full of it anyway. Why are livers so rich in vitamin A? Because that is where all animals store it. My friends suggested I simply eat a ton of spinach, but the vitamin A and iron in spinach and vegetables is only 10% bioavailable, compared to 90% in animal products.

So for lunch, I had a quarter pound of liver fried in ghee (clarified butter) with onions and garlic.

And it was disgusting.

After this photo was taken and a bite was ingested, I DOUSED that liver in ketchup and ate it without chewing. I had to stop and catch my breath a few times. That was 4 hours ago and I’m still full.

I should have gotten suspicious when I struggled to cut the liver into strips. Our sharpest knife could not cut through it. Too much vitamin A?…

While it was cooking, it actually smelled good. I figured everyone else was just picky and this was gonna be great!

Wrong. It tasted more cow-y than if I had just run over to the vet science area of campus and bit into one of the grazing cows. Egh.

I followed up the liver with my very first green smoothie. It was so good!

It had a lot of lightly steamed spinach (its one of the veggies that lightly steaming actually increases the bioavailability of the vitamins), kale, half a frozen banana, blueberries, strawberries, almond milk, and a bit of stevia.

I’m feeling a bit better, but my plans for this evening have yet to be determined.

To be continued.

And sorry for possibly grossing you out. Again.

17 thoughts on “Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  1. Well. We are life twins this week… sort of. I’m not sick but it’s, um, about to be that time of the month and I tend to become anemic, so I try to frontload my iron stores to avoid feeling like death warmed over for five days. Soooo Max and I were in BJs and he’s shopping for beef and I happen to see a slab of liver. I pick it up, flip to the nutrition label, and see, wow, this has a lot of great stuff (including iron!) in it! So I’m all about to toss it in the cart and he’s all, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT FOUL THING?!?!? I was like, oh come on it can’t be THAT bad you’re just a baby!

    He talked me out of it, obviously, but I was still thinking maybe I’d give it a whirl…. and now I won’t. THANKS. haha!

  2. I suggest you add loootssss of Balsamic to make livers edible.
    Or you should try chicken liver – I found that it has a milder taste and I liked it in pate (homemade) 🙂

  3. Liver ? i couldn’t eat it ahahah
    Meat gross me out… so liver ?! Oh god.

    I hope it will help you though =)
    Have you tried green tea with honey ? Lots of rest helps too =)
    Take care !

  4. Your very FIRST green smoothie?!? I’m so sad that it’s taken you THIS LONG! But happy you’ve joined the club, friend!

    So I’ve never had cow liver but chicken livers are SO GOOD. I love them with a chicken liver curry powder mix and onions- omg, I could easily eat a pound by myself… but your liver, uncooked, looks pretty nasty…

    This weekend- you and I- Avocado Ice Cream… yes, yes?!?! (I’ll be in Yuba City)

  5. You and me girl! I’ve been going out so much more this semester (gotta take full advantage of senior year, ya know?) and have also developed some sort of horrible sounding throat thing. Some days it actually hurts to swallow (usually after nights I go out) and others I just sound really weird.

    I’ve been trying to amp up my grapefruit/vitamin C consumption, drink more apple cider vinegar whenever possible (jn tea or water) and stay away from the dairy. It totally helps! I feel great, but that weird cough is still kind of lurking. Oh well! We do what we can. 🙂 Hope you ended up having a fab weekend and are feeling better!

  6. it was fun to hear all of your alternative treatments!!! sorry your first liver experience wasn’t too good. when my mom cooks it..she batters it and then fries it and serves it with onions. hope you’re feeling bettter!!!

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