when genius strikes

Hey y’all! I don’t usually do mini-posts, but I just ate something so epic that I feel the need to tell you. NOW.

So, I just made a batch of paleo waffles for the upcoming week. While I was preparing the batter, a strong, strong bacon craving hit. Instead of reaching for the coconut oil, I reached for the bacon grease. And I drizzled in a bit of maple syrup. These waffles are now

Maple Bacon Paleo Waffles.

I am going back to the original post to add in the modifications for if you want your waffles to be maple bacon flavored. And yes, it still goes EXTREMELY well with almond and peanut butter. Bonus points for adding in crumbled bacon bits.

Also! Yesterday I was in a major funk all day until I finally got my butt to the gym. Sometimes you have the greatest workouts when you least expect it. If you are in the mood for something that is difficult, more cardio-oriented, but still incorporates strength – go for this one.

CrossFit Inspired Circuit

4 rounds:

  • Row 500 m
  • 8 dumbbell snatches per arm, 32.5#
  • 12 sit ups
  • Run 400 m, 6:45 minute mile pace (or whatever is decently challenging for you)
  • 8 burpees with pushup

Bonus! I think I made up this move so I doubt anyone will try it, but if you know the components of it separately then go for it!

3 rounds:

  • 8 squat clean-ass to ground-thrusters, 45# barbell with 5# added
  • 6 oblique pulls w/ 45# weight plate, per side (where you are standing and holding the weight plate in left hand and lean left so the weight goes down your leg and then bring yourself upright)

Have a wonderful Saturday!

11 thoughts on “when genius strikes

  1. I want to try turkey bacon so bad (I don’t like pork, it grosses me out). I remember one of your breakfast (turkey bacon, waffle/cream cheese and walnuts. I really crave it, but I never found any turkey bacon in my city 😦

  2. Isn’t it so awesome when food inspiration hits like that!? Definitely worth taking the time to mini-post! Those waffles sound amazing!

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