my current food rut… that I love.

Hey you! Have you entered my NuNaturals stevia giveaway yet? Go do it, it’s easy!

I am currently in a food and meal rut, but the negative connotation of the word “rut” doesn’t reflect how I feel about it. I really only mean rut in that I have been eating variations of the same thing for a couple weeks now, instead of my usual exploring of recipes and things. If it ain’t broke…

For your nosy pleasure (we all love it), we shall start with breakfast. Of course, I gotta start my day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. I add enough of this

to make it creamy dreamy and read blogs while my waffles are toasting.

Breakfast has been either 2 paleo waffles or 2 whole grain belgian waffles topped with lots of nut butters.

sorry for the recycled picture! I forgot! 

Then, I went to the gym for a quick circuit before lab.

30 Min Pump Up Circuit

  • Run 1/2 mile
  • 21 – 15 – 9 (Do 21 of all three moves, then 15, then 9)
  • Overhead squats with 45 lb barbell
  • Burpees with pushup
  • Tricep dips
  • Row 500m, after each round of the three moves
  • Run 1/2 mile

Lunches have been what I am calling meat salads. They consist of cold salad greens and other veggies tossed in a fattyyum sauce and topped with some kind of meat. Always followed up with a juicy apple.

tastes so much better than it looks. unless you’re like me?

This one had romaine, sprouts, tomatoes massaged with 1/2 an avocado, 1 tbsp bacon grease honey mustard salad dressing, and salt. It was topped with a quarter pound of ground beef with a handful of blue cheese. If I have good eggs, I sometimes substitute a raw egg yolk for the salad dressing or throw in bacon bits.

Snacks = a dairy & sugar free carrot cake popsicle! And I recently bought a half gallon of raw, organic, grass fed milk to make yogurt with, so I had a cup o’ dat.

Dinners have been either kale and eggs fried on the stove top in bacon grease and topped with more bacon or steamed veggies and a protein source tossed in pesto.

This was a bowl of steamed broccoli-carrot slaw and a small chicken breast tossed in basil pecan pesto and topped with a slice of crispy bacon. OmgIlovebacon.

to make the basil pecan pesto, just use this recipe and substitute in pecans!

Pre-CrossFit snack = 1/2 a homemade Nutty Bar

Then it was CrossFit time. Check out my sweet new socks!! No more dead lift bruises for dese gams.

they say Live Love Lift!! And the O is a kettle bell ❤

The WOD was 150 wall balls. Meh. But we worked on kipping pull ups afterwards.   So awkward, but so fun… once you get the hang of it.

4th meal was a variation of my coconut dream bowl. It’s like I cant fall asleep without coconut in my belly?

If the yogurt looks a little odd, its because I cultured it myself! In the next week, I will do a whole post on how to culture your own raw yogurt. I used the raw, organic, grass fed milk mentioned above. Good grief, that sounds ridiculous. The milk is expensive, but when you calculate how much the yogurt would cost in store, you definitely save a few bucks.

And lastly, as I am typing this post, I am dipping sugar snap peas into mustard mixed with a few drops of stevia and a drizzle of honey.


PS: I just noticed the entire day was refined sugar free. Sweet! You should definitely enter the stevia giveaway.

Moral of the story (especially you, ladies!):



26 thoughts on “my current food rut… that I love.

  1. I like the idea of steaming the brocolli slaw. I can rarely find it, but next time I do, I’ll try that. A lot of my meals look like they’re the same all the time, too. I make big salads like yours, but I’m vegetarian so I add home cooked (in the crock pot) beans or veggie burgers. Very filling!

  2. I think a blog name change is in order … not only you don’t eat wheat anymore but you also seem to stay away from carbs in general. 😉

    1. Aw, crap. You noticed! Haha I have been contemplating a blog name change. I am still down with whole wheat, but I do think that grains take up far too much of the typical American diet!


  3. alright my little coconut fiend, try this.. NOW. greek yogurt mixed with a scoop of chocolate protein powder and 2 tbsp of coconut flour. The mixture becomes so thick and “mousse” like. You’ll die. I promise.

    1. I totally will. Tonight. And I am proud of you for STOPPING working out when you felt it was what was best for you. Thats hard as hell. Props.


  4. 1.I love those socks! 2. Everything you ate looks delicious! 3. I’m going to have to try the mustard with stevia and honey idea 🙂 4. I’ve been wondering, would your paleo waffle recipe turn out well as pancakes? I dont’ have a waffle maker. Thanks!

  5. ahh your food always looks so great, i still need to make those WAFFLES!!!! and your coconut dream bowl. i love straus creamery – been eating their european style whole milk yogurt – so good! i’ve been wanting to make my own yogurt but just been lazy… gonna do it though, gonna do it! motivate me!!

  6. Yum at your waffles!

    You say eat hard if you work hard. I weight lift/bodybuild and eat around 3000 calories a day. I see that you do the paleo thing and was wondering if you had any tips on macro ratios? I’m notoriously bad at getting my veg into my diet.

    Thank you

  7. I’m the same with my food! I eat pretty much the same thing for a while. As long as I don’t get bored, I’m set for weeks.

    Way to go on your kippings! I’m currently working on my pull-ups from a dead hang position. I’d like to try kippings, but I have a feeling I need to get my dead hang down first. Is that how you progressed?

    1. Well, I started CrossFit once I already was able to do ~8 strict pullups on my own. So kipping was more of a form issue for me than strength! But in order to do that, I started on the assisted pull ups machine and worked my way up to the real thing!


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