[grain-free] cinnamon sweet potato waffles

Happy Independence Day everyone! Let’s take at least a minute to be appreciative of the fact that we live in a non-occupied territory and do not have to suffer the pain and inconveniences that come with such a life condition.

Ho’kay, for today’s

I have a special new recipe to debut. Please welcome Paleo Waffle 2.0 to the stage.

These are grain free, dairy free, sugar free and paleo-approved. I was trying to come up with a paleo waffle that used only sweet potato and eggs and no coconut flour, but I couldn’t make it work. The coconut flour is key to making them hold their shape and be waffle-like. However, this waffle has less coconut flour than my original version (and seems to digest easier) and a delicious sweet potato flavor.

For breakfast I have been having 1 sweet potato waffle and one banana paleo waffle topped with ~2 tablespoons of nut butter and 2 egg whites on the side.

I will never get sick of waffles. Did you know I’m a quarter Belgian?

Cinnamon Spiced Sweet Potato Waffles [gluten free]

Recipe: Makes ~7 waffles

  • Sorry this has been removed until further notice!

Josef’s sugar free maple syrup (don’t hate! malitol is one of the less craptastic sweeteners) and shredded coconut

Nutrition Facts for 1 Waffle

  • 120 calories
  • 9 grams protein (more if you sub protein powder)
  • 15 grams carbs
  • 4 grams fiber
  • 4 grams sugar

poor coco shreds, I bet it’s hard to swim in almond butter and syrup. 

Yesterday’s lunch consisted of pastrami lettuce wraps.

Simply take a few Romaine leaves and place a slice of nitrate-free pastrami, gourmet mustard, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and salt on each and eat like taco!

The second course of lunch was pink lady apple slices topped with pate.

Pate = duck liver. It is delicious. Please don’t stop reading my blog. 

Dinner was colorful and satisfying.

Leftover roasted chicken, a slice of bacon, salted avocado, sweet potato fries, and salad with honey mustard bacon grease dressing.

As is apparent, I am still pretty paleo, but this is just how I eat nowadays. I’m back on the dairy hard as ever. My first sip of creamy coffee after my week of strict paleo felt like liquid happiness was seeping into my system and coursing through my veins. In true relapse fashion, I’ve been eating yogurt and ice cream like its my job.

Best way to break up with paleo =

first thing I bought after paleo week was pastured butter, half and half, and gelato

Speaking of jobs, I have exciting news! But I will save that for the next post. 🙂 Along with this lil’ gem…

56 thoughts on “[grain-free] cinnamon sweet potato waffles

  1. I can’t wait to hear the news 🙂
    I was in San Diego last wknd and had the most amaazzing Belgium waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Oh my.

  2. These waffles sound ahhmazing! If I don’t have a waffle maker, do you think I could make them as pancakes? Also do you buy egg whites in a carton or just throw away all the yolks?

    1. I think pancakes will work fine!! And I just buy the cheapest eggs at TJs and throw away the yolks. way cheaper than buying egg whites. When you eat the yolk, buy the more expensive free range eggs!


  3. Your dinner is colorful indeed! But you can never go wrong with sweet potatoes and avocado, they are just such great foods. And I am glad you are back to fully partaking gin the joy of dairy. I think that is something I could just never give up!

  4. Even though what we eat is totally and completely different (probably opposite ends of the spectrum), it seriously makes me happy looking at how colorful and nutritious all of your food is!! Love the creativity and thought you pour into your food, as always =) The sweet potato waffles look great, and even though I’m as far from paleo as one can get, I would definitely give those a try! Also your dinner looks so summery and beautiful, as does that caramel cookie crunch gelato… (dairy is not fun for my tummy but i always need to have a few bites anyway haha)

    1. We totally do eat in opposite ways – but its what works for us! Either way, our food choices are nutritious and soo delicious. Your food is usually a bit prettier though 😉 I adore your instagram feed.


  5. I go to UC Davis as well and I love your blog!! Where do you buy your coconut flour in Davis? I always look for it in the bulk section at the co-op but they are always out of it when I go 😦

    1. Really?! Small world!! How did you stumble upon my blog? I buy it either in bulk at Co Op orrr they also sell it in jars and plastic baggies in the baking aisle, at the co op! or trek down to the pretty awesome Roseville whole foods


      1. I read about it a while ago on her campus and I’ve been following it ever since! I love all of your creative and healthy recipes 🙂 And thanks for the info on the coconut flour. I will definitely keep trying the co-ops and maybe even the new whole foods that is opening in davis!

    1. oh oh pleasee do! and let me know how you like them! I seriously cant go a day without having them for breakfast. They are delicious on their own but truly the PERFECT vehicle for nut butter waterfalls.


  6. I found myself at your blog after a few clicks, and OMG I am making those waffles this weekend. All your recipes look awesome, glad I stumbled this way!!

    1. I am so glad you did too!! I cant wait to go check out your blog! if you make them, let me know how they turn out! I adore dese waffles.


  7. No hating on the Joseph’s allowed! That stuff is AWESOME.

    Those waffles look divine! I don’t have a waffle maker but maybe I can pancake them. Would pumpkin work? I have a few cans of that in reserve.

    Heya, as you really miss dairy, why not leave it at Primal? Mark Sisson’s general opinion on dairy is that it’s fine if you can tolerate it. Even Robb Wolf says he eats more Primal than Paleo these days. With me, as long as I can have my Greek yogurt, I’m good. Whenever I totally remove it I flip the fuck out and find myself at Yogurtland. I friggin’ love that gelato brand. Häagen-Dazs remains my torrid lover though.

  8. Ok… cinnamon, sweet potato, and waffle… three of my favorite foods… in one!!! i’m gonna have to try this.. thanks for sharing! 😀

  9. Those sound SO good!!!!! 😀 If you take out a part of the sweet potato and add the protein powder, wouldn’t it make it drier? Do you think if it was baked, and then only using 1 cup of it AND the 1/2 cup protein powder — do you think that would work? I always love the flavor of baked sweet potatoes more than microwaved.

    1. Hm It will probably work! You can tell by how the batter looks. It should be flowy – but not super liquidy and not pasty. Let me know how it goes!


  10. Hey Lauren, I noticed your waffle recipes use stevia and also know that you research nutrition a lot. What’s your view on this sweetener? Does it have the same addictive qualities as other types of sugar?

    1. Im very down with stevia! I really think its the best choice – given my current stance. I havent read research in a while but I will and will try to write about it on the blog soon. I dont think it has the insulin response that fake sweeteners often do but Ill have to see if there are any studies… Regardless – I am 99.9999% sure its far better than sugar.


  11. Alrighty, thanks! That’s what I figured but I just wanted to get a couple people’s opinions before I spend a decent amount of money on it! Appreeesh

  12. Hi! I just saw your post on the sweet potato waffles and I am dying to try them out but I saw you removed the recipe. When will they be back up? Looking at the post prompted me to look through your blog and I absolutely love it! Keep up the good work! Thanks!

  13. So I made these for the second time and they were better than the first. The first time I made them I microwaved the sweet potato but didn’t really like how it came out. The second time I baked the sweet potato and added in the vanilla protein powder and they were so good. I did not experience the wet texture you were talking about. Love the recipe. Can’t wait to eat it again tomorrow!

  14. A couple of things: Could the sweet potatoes be cooked and drained really well? I don’t like using the microwave very much and baking in the oven would take a little more time than I’d like (or I could bake ahead of time, I know). Anyway, could maple syrup or honey be used in place of stevia? Ok, so a few questions actually. My last one is, could I use 3 or 4 whole eggs instead of the 6 egg whites. I just absolutely can not throw away any food! 🙂 These look amazing and I’m so excited to make them!

    1. Hi hun! I have not tried any of those things, so I am not sure. You could bake the sweet potatoes more lightly, so that they are not gooey and caramelized. I am so sorry I am not of more help.. Let me know what works and what doesnt!!


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