30 thoughts on “Hot salty tears.

  1. Damn girl! That royally sucks. I completely know what that’s like and the epic frustration that comes with wanting to work out SO bad and not being able to do it the way you want. Keep that chin up!

  2. Oh, Lauren, so sorry to hear about the fractures in both feet! That’s awful, and I’m sure you feel it is a huge setback. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Karen

    1. Karen you are so sweet. Thank you. It does feel huge and I am so angry and upset right now. But deep down I know this isnt a big deal compared to the massive struggles of others. It pales compared to having a lifelong condition…


  3. So sorry to hear that! I was rooting for you! I have shin splints bordering on stress fractures. I’ve been out of running for 8 weeks now and they still hurt! Still crossfitting though and rowing instead of swimming. Keep working around it! Good luck!

    1. Wow its awesome you can still do that. I am surprised that that doesnt put you at risk for fracturing your legs! But I am so glad that it doesnt. just be careful!


    1. thank you, its comforting to hear about other peoples struggles and overcoming them. 🙂 its not forever true.. but it feels like it right now


  4. Oh my gash, what a bummer. I get antsy after just a couple days so I’m really sorry!! But use this rest time for good and hang in there 🙂
    I’m surprised you can’t swim and just not push off of the walls? Maybe that’s a dumb question haha

  5. I’m really sorry. Did the doctors say something about your bones density or something ?

    Maybe you can do some abs, pull ups and back extension for a few weeks ? (and maybe take a week off too)

    I wish you heal asap =)

    1. I’m going to definitely keep doing those things. My pull ups are already getting ridiculous! And they didn’t mention bone density but I feel pretty sure that is a big factor. Given my personal athletic history.. :/ but I’m on the right path to increase it Thanks for your support hunny

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  6. Those words are an athletes worst fear, I’m sure we’ve all been there which doesn’t make it easier but think back to past injuries – it takes work but you’ve bounced back as I’m sure we all have. Keep your chin up, I’ll be rooting for ya!

  7. Hi, Lauren! Hope your fractures are getting better.
    I missed your last couple posts, but I read that you’re changing your domain name. I understand because I also try to eat more variety of carbohydrates than just wheat products.
    I was wondering have you checked out Don Matesz on Primal Wisdom (donmatesz.blogspot.ca)? He was a paleo-eater for 14 years and have become a vegan since somewhere last year. He has some really interesting posts about various nutritional researches (such as the Harvard Meat Study), strength training, and his views on the ancestral diet, etc. I really wish you would check him out 🙂 Thank You!

  8. I was down and out for 2 months with a stubborn shin splint induced stress fracture – it sucked at the time but I was shocked at how quickly I got back in shape and by using the time to become a yoga boss I think that it was actually one of the best things to happen to me. I know what it\’s like to be crying about a stress fracture and simultaneously think that it is ridiculous to cry about a stress fracture.

    1. Hell yeah girl you are so right! It is no big thing compared to others problems and life situations! But of course, all things being relative, it took me a bit to absorb that. I knew it but it didn’t stop me from getting upset for a while. Thank you for sharing your story! I don’t think I can safely do yoga but I will look into it! 🙂

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