X-rays, lox, and the scents of San Francisco

Today was insane. I drove to Sacramento for a 6 week check up appointment on my twin stress fractures. I was positively giddy with the idea that I was going to get the OK to start lifting and running again soon. But no. Ohhhhh no. All that 6-8 week stuff you read on the internet is utter horse manure. I looked at the doc and told him to give it to me straight. His eyes narrowed behind his thick, shiny glasses.

6 more weeks, he said.

My entire head felt like it was crystallizing and I lost the capability to do 1st grade math. 6 weeks + 6 more weeks is.. is.. uh… 3 months? WHAT?! He explained that while my X-rays show good healing (woo! go feet!), I need to wait 6 more weeks for the bones to remodel to be absolutely safe and not re-fracture anything.

that fuzzy region on the second to right long bone is the stress fracture healing

It’s funny how bad news gets easier and easier to handle. Thank goodness. On the bright side, I’ve got guns now!

shameless 😉

After that gem of an experience, I drove back to Davis and made a quick, healthy lunch before heading off to San Francisco to home hunt. You really can’t go wrong with lox. In my pre-paleo days, when the title of my blog actually fit, I enjoyed it on whole wheat bread with ricotta.

toasted whole wheat bread spread with lemon, dill, and honey ricotta and topped with lox, tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, and sea salt

and now that grains are a rarity (which has meant perfectly clear skin BTW)…

fromage blanc, heirloom tomato & smoked salmon cucumber planks

the cucumber is the bread!

Recipe: Serves 1 – Primal, Low Carb, High Protein, Gluten Free

  • 1 package smoked salmon
  • 1 cucumber
  • fresh ground salt, to taste
  • 2 oz fromage blanc or cream cheese, grass fed
  • 1 heirloom tomato
  • handful sprouts
  • red onion, sliced

Directions – Roughly peel the cucumber so that a bit of the skin is left. Slice long-ways into quarter inch “planks.” Spread each plank with cream cheese. Top with red onion. Add a layer of smoked salmon. Place the sprouts over the smoked salmon and top with sliced heirloom tomato. Sprinkle salt over everything. Enjoy!

I actually like the paleo version better because the fromage blanc/cream cheese is richer than the ricotta.


Onions * contain anti-aging antioxidants phenolics and flavonoids. A study by Dr. Liu showed that pungent and Western yellow onions protected the most against colon cancer, while pungent yellow, Western yellow, and shallots protected the most against liver cancer.

Fromage blanc * If you purchase pasture raised animal products, the fat content will contain more omega 3’s than conventionally fed animals, which yield meat and dairy products with very high levels of omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 3’s are anti-inflammatory and omega 6’s are pro-inflammatory. Plus, pastured dairy is an awesome source of vitamin D, K, and calcium, all of which are essential for bone health and avoiding nogoodawful stress fractures.

Salmon * is high in Vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids which  have been shown to raise HDL (good) cholesterol levels and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Also, a great source of protein.

After that fabulous lunch, I chatted my way to San Fran for two hours and then proceeded to visit 4 different housing possibilities. Housing is insanely competitive. The process is like a hybrid of applying for a  job and rushing a sorority. First, you scour Craigslist and send out emails selling yourself and hope you get invited to the open houses.  Next, you go to the open houses or meet-ups and are essentially interviewed while you are there. Finally, you wait to hear if you were chosen. I loved one and liked another, which I won’t talk about in the minute chance that they read this post. But the other two…

The first apartment I went to was charming on the outside, bright yellow with blue flower boxes below the windows. I nervously rang the doorbell and waited… The door cracked open and the scent of ganja greeted me warmly. Followed by an extremely tall woman with dreads to rival Bob’s. Stereotypical, yes. I got a tour and rundown of the rental situation. Just as I was leaving, the other roommate emerged from one of the bedrooms. She walked towards me and I held my hand out to greet her. Lifting her arm up a mere 30 degrees was enough to emit a scent so pungent it made my nose hairs curl. And I’m not judging! I get down with natural deodorant. I understand having an earthy aura about you. But, this was not normal and certainly did not smell natural.

The second apartment was close to downtown in a ritzier neighborhood. Given the decent price of the room, I shouldn’t have been surprised when a) it took me 42 minutes to find a parking spot b) it required 5 flights of steps straight up to get to the front door and c) there was no living room, or any rooms, except for 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a hallway that had kitchen appliances lining it. I don’t care how convenient that location is for work – not my style!

Now the waiting game begins…

In other news, I updated my About Me, Favorite Posts, Recipes, and Nutrition Services pages. I’m trying to have more of a social media presence, so feel free to tweet with me (wholewheatrbust) or look at my embarrassing Instagram photos (wholewheatorbust)!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

11 thoughts on “X-rays, lox, and the scents of San Francisco

  1. How much are tickets to the gun show? 😉
    GIRLLLL i feel ya, 6-8 weeks totally didn’t come true for me. I’m now going on 3 months and while some days i feel like YAAAA I’m so ready to start squatting/deadlifting again… something happens that makes my progress go backwards. Like for example, this past weekend I felt fine so I tried sprinting on one day and then played dodgeball the next day. BAD IDEA. Hopefully 6 weeks from now, you and are I back in the game!

    1. Gah, I am so sorry hun about the step back, but it sounds like you are still making progress (enough to think that you can start doing more!) We are almost there and its only getting easier to deal with!


  2. LOL okay call me ditzy but I totally did not EVER think about your blog name vs your diet. haha. WHOOPS! Attention to detail, Sable 😉

  3. 1. Crraaaaaap about the 6 more weeks. Grrr!!! C’mon feet!!!
    2. NICE GUNS!
    3. I did a double take reading this: “and now that grains are a rarity (which has meant perfectly clear skin BTW)” <– I didn't know they were connected! Me too.. nary a zit since starting Paleo. Awesome!
    4. I'm still thinking about bloggie names for you.
    5. Complete random: I started trying kipping (with bands) today, woot!!! It was tough in the workout: 50-35-20: Wall balls, pull-ups, double unders. My time was…OMG. So slow. LOL
    6. Bout damn time with the social media. 😉 I'm @50Peach in twitter and instagram. Do it!

  4. 6 more weeks sucks, but at least your feet are healing well!
    Apartment hunting is always a ridiculous process. I live in a small college town in the mountains of North Carolina and even apartment hunting there is ridiculous. My school doesn’t guarantee housing after freshman year so it basically turns in to a scramble to find a reasonably priced apartment in town. I lucked out this year and found one that’s cheap and furnished! I hope you find a good one too!
    And I’m now following on twitter (@coffeeandgreens)

  5. counting down the days with you – I know it sucks to be injured, but you’ll come back smarter and stronger than ever before in your training/crossfitting. I hope you have a great transition to life in San Fran! Billy and I just had a similar snack with smoked salmon – so delicious!

  6. I love it!! Low carb lox! I just did a lox flat bread this weekend…not low carb but whole wheat and a healthy twist on bagel and lox. I’ve got lot lots left over lox and and will definitely try this out!!

    1. Oh wow. Can you tell me more so that I can avoid doing the same? Like how long you took off in the first place and what you think caused the reinjury… I am so sorry! I know how much it sucks. 😦 But obviously you have learned from it!


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