Missing this place.

Hey everyone,

I am so sorry for the blogging hiatus. So much has been going on these last few weeks, both good and sad, that it simply hasn’t been a priority. The other issue is that I am almost out of photo memory on the blog and need to either pay to upgrade or make the jump and purchase my own domain. I want to buy a domain, but I just haven’t settled on a name yet! I will be back to regular blogging soon though, I have missed it too much to stay away.

Hope you are all doing fabulously!



3 thoughts on “Missing this place.

  1. A break once in a while is good for the soul. I hope you take the time for yourself, and then come back recharged!

  2. I hope you are enjoying life and taking advantage of every moment!!! I can’t wait to hear if you get a new domain or to simply here how life is going for you. 🙂 Come back when you’re ready!

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