Things I have learned these last 9 months in San Francisco… Part 1

Hi world. I have been gone so long, essentially since moving to San Francisco, and yet I have thought about this space every day. I have been learning and doing so much in the time that has passed. I can only hope I have grown a fraction as much as I feel I have learned.

I have had this post (and several others) as a draft for a month now  thinking I would add and improve. I am just going to publish it and do this piece by piece. Baby steps!

Paleo is not the end all cure all to all diseases. I had the idea that going strict paleo could put any Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis sufferer into remission, ameliorate most GI issues like reflux, pain, indigestion, and bloating, and get everyone’s blood work going in the right direction. What I have learned is that paleo can do these things for some people, but it cannot completely cure others. Some people do just fine with, or even need, a higher carbohydrate diet and a little rice isn’t going to kill them. Some people actually do benefit from reducing meat consumption if their lipid profile is resiliently out of whack.  However, as I have said before, this is not the majority and saturated fat is not the enemy. For me personally, paleo has rocked my blood work in the best of ways. I went from average-to-fairly-good HDL and LDL numbers to an HLD to LDL ratio that made my doctor say “You must be one of those genetic freaks.” Only I’m not – it has all been diet. Diet truly is the foundation of all health, in my opinion. However, some people can eat paleo till the cows come home and go out to pasture again and still suffer. Which brings me to my next learning.

Our health is just as much in our minds as in our bodies. We truly can think ourselves  sick or in pain. With that, we must be willing to think positively and channel being healthy and happy. No amount of medication, weight loss, supplements,  or exercise is going to make you “better” or “healthy” or “thin”  if you do not truly want to be. This may sound crazy, like why would anyone want to be sick or unhealthy, but it is true. People can take comfort in their conditions. The labels give them license, excuses to keep doing what they have always done. Similarly, people can take comfort in their extra weight and may not truly want to lose it, despite what they say. This is fear. It can be fear of rejection once the weight is gone, fear that they will won’t be happy at their new size, fear of failure.  Sometimes what looks like obesity, diabetes, chronic pain, etc, is really concealed self-hate, depression, anxiety, and addiction. To truly heal oneself, the whole picture must be assessed and treated from all sides. From the inside out, diet and exercise. From the mind to the body, through various types of therapy, meditation, yoga, stress reduction. From the surface of the problem down to the roots.



the journey to summit Mt. Shasta – May 2013

7 thoughts on “Things I have learned these last 9 months in San Francisco… Part 1

  1. First thing: I’m SO glad you’re back!
    Second thing: I’m SO glad you’re back.

    Love what you have to say about health being just as much about our minds as it is our bodies. It’s so important to remember that (and easy to lose sight of it).

  2. Great post! I initially started following your paleo recipes and articles, etc, but I, too, have realized that it doesn’t quite work for me and leads me to disordered eating patterns. Now I follow it as a template but still include other foods to help me perform optimally as an athlete and lead and healthy and balanced life!

    Looking forward to more posts!

    1. I am glad you have identified dietary elements that are triggers for unhealthy thought patterns! That is awesome. Thank you so much for the positive feedback about my post – it made my day! Have a great week :)


  3. I’m glad you are back! Great post. I can’t wait to hear more about what you are learning about being healthy.

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