Can you solve the medical mystery?

A healthy 28 year old female presents to the clinic today complaining of non-radiating ankle pain with a rapid onset 3 days ago. The pain is a 6/10 and occurs when transitioning weight to the ball of her foot while walking. The pain is constant while walking but cannot be brought on by palpation. She says that two weeks ago she began to feel poorly. One week later, she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory tract infection and started on antibiotics. She has not had a cough or other URI symptoms in the past 5 days.

While sick, she did not exercise. Once she started to feel better, she went on a jog 5 days ago without pain. She went on another run the following day, though had to stop after 20 minutes due to pain while running. She did not have pain once she stopped running, but woke up the next day with a limp and severe pain while walking.

Her physical exam is normal.

Whats going on?

Submit your answers within the next couple days for a yummy prize! The next post will reveal the answer and delve into a related health topic.

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