Guidelines for a healthy afternoon

Happy Wednesday yall!
Here are some healthy tips to keep in mind for the afternoon and how to approach lunch:
  •  Do not sit for more than an hour without moving. Go for a walk or stretch!
  • Consider a standing desk. You can even jerryrig one with a box on your desk. 😉
  • Keep snap peas, kale chips, carrots, veggies, apples, jerky, and protein rich snacks at the office for a healthy snack. If weight loss or portion control isn’t a challenge, a handful of nuts is an excellent healthy snack.
  • Drink water throughout the day, especially before meals. You can flavor water with fruit or citrus to make it more interesting!
  • Do not wait until you already feel quite hungry to eat lunch, or any meal.
  • Be aware of mindless/bored/sad/stress eating. Consider tracking when and what you eat, and how you are feeling at the time.
  • When building a lunch, emphasize protein. Be sure to get 20-40g or more depending on your weight. The next priority is fiber (veggies!) to help you feel full and avoid blood sugar crashes. Next priority is healthy fats (avocado, nuts, EVOO, coconut, grass fed dairy) for satiety. Final consideration is quality and quantity of carbohydrates. Look for high fiber carbs that have not been processed, such as starchy vegetables, fruit, and whole grains.
  • When eating at self serve cafes, fill 3/4 the plate with veggies and the other 1/4 with a source of protein. [If eating a moderate carb diet, fill 1/4 with whole grains, 1/4 protein, 1/2 vegetables.]
  • Protein sources should be about the size of one to two palms (4-8oz or 20-40 g protein). If getting a fattier cut of meat, get half fatty and half lean of something else.
  • Dressings are a source of fat in a meal. Ideally, look for extra virgin olive oil based dressings or use guacamole! If watching calories, keep in mind 1 tbsp of oil is 120 calories, 1/4 cup nuts is 200 calories, and 1 avocado is 300 calories.
  •  If watching carbs, limit starch to one “unit” of a meal. Keep in mind that beans and tofu count as half protein half carb. Rice, starchy vegetables (peas, carrots, winter squash, beets), breads, grains, and fruit are all carbohydrates.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for  ‘dressing/cheese/seeds/nuts/avocado on the side’ so that you can portion control how much goes onto the dish or salad.
  • You can also request ‘light dressing’ ‘light oil’ ‘wrapped in lettuce instead of bread’ and to swap out starchy sides for veg.
  • Ain’t no shame in getting half of your meal to go!
  • Stop eating before you feel ‘full.’ If you get hungry again later, eat your leftovers or a snack.
  • Eat slowly and thoughtfully, sitting, without distractions. If socializing, try to still acknowledge each bite and enjoy it.
  • Go for a walk within 2 hours of eating lunch if possible.
  • If a sweet craving hits, drink some water and take a walk around the office. Consider where the craving came from (stress?). If it doesn’t subside, consider a piece of fruit or small piece of dark chocolate.

Easy lunch ideas

  • Lettuce wraps with a slice of bacon, mustard, 4-6oz turkey, tomato and onion!
  • Salads with protein and a handful of chips crumbled on top for crunch or an apple on the side
  • A bowl of soup with chicken or tofu
  • Fish or meat tacos with one of the two tortillas tossed
  • Seaweed side salad and sashimi
  • Open faced sandwich on whole grain bread with protein and veggies
  • Open avocado stuffed with tuna, drizzled with salt and EVOO
  • Half pasta-half vegetable bowl with chicken/fish/tofu
  • Moderate carb homemade ‘pizza

You can also check out the Recipe tab for more dozens of simple recipes!


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