Guidelines for a healthy evening

Welp, it is 11pm here in San Francisco, but I am determined to crank out the final post in this mini series. Here are a few tips for approaching dinner and having a healthy evening…
  • If you are hungry, have a light snack (max 150 cals) before workouts. An apple or piece of fruit has the carbs and fiber to help you power through.
  • Work out! If you are tired after work, consider walking home or taking a long walk to your favorite local spot. Or perhaps a yoga class. If you need inspiration, try taking a new class or getting together for a workout with a friend. Downloading new music can also jump start a workout!
  • Avoid eating or buying food when very stressed. Take a few minutes to meditate, take a walk, call a friend, or read a book before eating. Stress can make you eat more or make poorer food choices, as well as increase mental hunger.
  • Have a glass of water before dinner and be aware that cocktails can first depress hunger – but then it comes raging back!
  • For dinner, follow the same guidelines as at breakfast and lunch – by emphasizing proteins and vegetables.
  • If using beans for protein, be sure to combine with vegetables and some whole grain in order to get a complete protein.
  • Think of alcohol and dessert (obviously) as a carb. If you want to have dessert or alcohol at a meal, try to reduce other sources of carbs. For example, if you are going to have wine, order the salmon rather than the pasta.
  • Dining out almost always has more calories than making food at home, no matter how healthfully you order. If weight loss is a goal, be aware of this.
  • Don’t be shy to take half of your meal home, decline the breadbasket, ask for light oil, dressing on the side, substitute starches for vegetables.
  • If ordering something heavier or carb heavy (pasta, pizza, 1 lb ribeye, fried food), try also ordering a salad or vegetable appetizer and taking half of the entree home.
  • Women should try to limit alcohol to one unit (one beer or glass of wine, one cocktail) and men to two units daily. Red wine has antioxidants and is the the best choice!
  • Try to avoid eating within 2-3 hours of bed. Alcohol can also disrupt sleep due to the its effect on liver glycogen (sugar) levels.
  • If ordering dessert, remember it’s okay to have a few bites and be done with it. Dessert isn’t going anywhere. It’s going to be around… forever.

Healthy dining out options:

  • Sashimi + seaweed salad
  • Pho with fish/meat with 1/2 noodles
  • Any meat/fish/chicken + vegetable entree
  • Fish or chicken tacos with 1-2 small corn tortillas
  • Ceviche + guacamole
  • Fajita salad
  • Burger with half or no bun + side salad

Quick dinners at home:

  • Steak  + half baked sweet potato + kale
  • Egg or chicken stir fry with veggies
  • Broth + veggies + chicken/egg for soup
  • Fish + boy choy + soy + ginger
  • Chicken + soy sauce/peanut butter + asian vegetable mix
  • Eggs + bacon + spinach + half sweet potato
  • Quinoa + tofu + chopped almonds + mixed veggies
  • Protein + sprinkle of cheese + bell peppers + salsa
  • Almost every recipe on the blog…
 Next posts are my favorite workout apps and what one of my friends says is the best advice I have given her…

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