This morning I got to attend my absolute favorite workout class! Its called Plyoburn and it can only be found at Castle Hill Fitness in Austin. The instructor, Amid, is intense, and plays really good music for working up a sweat. Its all hip hop :). I seriously dream about this class when I am … More Plyoburn!!!

It’s chickpeazy!

This recipe is for roasted pumpkin chickpeas. You can eat them by the handful for a nutritious snack or, as I recently discovered, you can put them in greek yogurt with almond butter and enjoy them for breakfast! Recipe: Serves 2 Drain 1 can of chickpeas and roll them around on a towel to absorb … More It’s chickpeazy!


This is just a healthified version of the PBJ sandwich. Instead of white bread, use whole wheat bread or a tortilla. Peanut butter often has hydrogenated oils and sugar added, so instead try using almond butter (or Nuttzo!). The pink lady apple can take the place of jam, it is super sweet and adds fiber. … More Classic