Fiber lovin’

So I made these bran muffins, ya see? And I am sitting here trying to think of a name for them. The names I think of either don’t do the muffins justice or they are too long and sound tacky. Caramelized Peach Butter Bran Muffins Southern Muffins Peachy Pecan Muffins Brantastic Peach Muffins Butter Bran … More Fiber lovin’

Nana Bran Muffins

This recipe is based on my Old Man Bran muffins. I wanted to make them sweeter and give them a punch of flavor, so I added in banana and subbed in coconut milk. If you are looking for good breakfast muffin that you can have on a daily basis, this is definitely a good option. … More Nana Bran Muffins