Detox: Day 1

The detox today was quite the success! I woke up and decided to forgo my usual coffee. I do not think that coffee is “bad for you” because we learned in Food Science that the effect that coffee has on our heath depends on our genetics. People who are fast metabolizers of caffeine (AKA can … More Detox: Day 1

Feta cheese, please!

I was so excited to go grocery shopping today at Whole Foods (a 35 minute drive..wahhh) and Trader  Joes, so that I could cook my own meal for the first time in weeks! Beef with Bulgur & Feta and Sauteed Rainbow Chard Recipe: Serves 1 For the chard – 4 stalks rainbow chard, rinsed 1/4 of … More Feta cheese, please!

Don’t be scared…

Introducing… Cheeseburger in a Bowl. This dish doesn’t look very pretty, but it tastes damn good, especially when you’ve got a craving. The superfood in this dish is the bulgur, which is a chewy, nutty whole grain that has more fiber and than brown rice, corn, and bread. If you want to healthify it even … More Don’t be scared…

Bulgur n’ Eggs

I know this dish isn’t very pretty, but I promise it’s very tasty! It is very versatile; I have eaten it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! This is buttery bulgur and a sunny side egg atop sauteed kale. The key is to pop the yolk and mix it evenly into the bulgur. Mmm. Also, I … More Bulgur n’ Eggs

Magic Mushroom

This stuffed portobello tasted magical, hence the name ;). It was a simple combo of bulgur, Happy Cow cheese squares, butter, and sauteed chard. Its small, so I would serve it as an appetizer or side. Recipe: Serves 1 Preheat the oven to 375. Spray a pan with canola oil. Tear a bundle of chard … More Magic Mushroom