Fiber lovin’

So I made these bran muffins, ya see? And I am sitting here trying to think of a name for them. The names I think of either don’t do the muffins justice or they are too long and sound tacky. Caramelized Peach Butter Bran Muffins Southern Muffins Peachy Pecan Muffins Brantastic Peach Muffins Butter Bran … More Fiber lovin’


Helloo. I’m writing right now at 5 am from a hotel room on my madre’s iPad. This confangled new gadget is pretty weird with wordpress, so I hope the images show up. I can’t sleep! I watched the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, Heath Ledgers last role, and it was so good! It is all about … More Insomnia

Bulgur n’ Eggs

I know this dish isn’t very pretty, but I promise it’s very tasty! It is very versatile; I have eaten it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! This is buttery bulgur and a sunny side egg atop sauteed kale. The key is to pop the yolk and mix it evenly into the bulgur. Mmm. Also, I … More Bulgur n’ Eggs

Magic Mushroom

This stuffed portobello tasted magical, hence the name ;). It was a simple combo of bulgur, Happy Cow cheese squares, butter, and sauteed chard. Its small, so I would serve it as an appetizer or side. Recipe: Serves 1 Preheat the oven to 375. Spray a pan with canola oil. Tear a bundle of chard … More Magic Mushroom